...come home to your wholeness...

You are a woman here to create, connect, expand, contribute and transform.
You are a woman here to inspire by living your love and light and truth into being. 

  • Maybe you are a woman who is in the midst of change and looking for a compass to help navigate the terrain. You're seeking deeper truth and your are ready to explore the rich landscape within and put the treasures you find to work in your every day life. 
  • Maybe you've got a bright idea and a vision of the future that lights you right up but you feel scared and overwhelmed at how to bring your vision into form. You're hungry for clarity, accountability and embodied action that doesn't burn you out. 
  • Maybe you're a woman ready to return to her body, to re-member, to honor body wisdom, to sync with cycles, sensuality and embodied grace. You are sick of boxing in your brilliance and living by the rules and pressures of beauty and health that squeeze upon us from out there, you want to rebuild your relationship with body and soul, letting yourself bloom from there.
  • Maybe you are a woman holding old traumas that are ready to heal. You are tired of repeating old patterns and ready to love the parts of you that feel abandoned, lost and alone. You are ready to face the challenges of your present without falling in to the pain of the past. 

Creative Alchemy is a mentorship series designed to (re)align you with YOU. This is an opportunity to come home to yourself and get reacquainted with your strengths, to soften your defenses, and (re)claim your potent feminine soul. 

Old therapeutic models are upgrading to align with the quickening nature of our human awakening. Creative Alchemy puts you back in the drivers seat of your own unfolding, while reminding you that you are not alone.

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We are living in a potent time of imagination and creation, equally so we are facing a lot of pain and destruction. This contrast is present to catalyze our awakening and call forth our unique creative offerings. We are still contending with massive patriarchal conditioning telling us to go it alone, push harder, do more, compete for resources and build success based on models of past programming.

And we know something is missing. We can feel our curiosity rising, our intuition deepening, our ideas expanding and our soul speaking. There is another way forward that is emerging through us. Through our blood, breath and bones. Through our heart and art and soul. Through our reclamation of season and cycle and circle and connection.

Instead of constantly feeling like life is happening to you Creative Alchemy is about letting life flow through you so you can revitalize the internal and external world in a way that serves more love, light, creativity and truth. Something we so desperately need.... is YOU aligned, embodied and expressing your soul. 



  • Creative Alchemy is a personalized classroom to learn what you're made of, what you're here for, and how to shape your creativity into embodied form.
  • Creative Alchemy is a sacred sanctuary to heal the wounds of the past that have held you down one too many times. 
  • Creative Alchemy is a playground of curiosity, exploration and inspiration that allows you to call forth and TRUST your own creative impulse.
  • Creative Alchemy is an a whole-hearted invitation to acknowledge and harness your superpowers so you can confidently bring your magic into the world.

This is a co-created alchemical play space. We hone where you are and what you need. We clarify & commit to an effective course for the current cycle and we honor what needs to be revised & released. 

This is the space to re-align, re-vitalize, and re-ignite all that you are and all that you are here to share, do and be. 


The practical…

  • Seven one-on-one (in persona or virtual) 60 minute deep dive Creative Alchemy sessions.
  • Monthly email support.

The magical…

  • A potent energetic container.
  • Embodied Confidence.
  • Inspired clarity.
  • Energetic alignment.
  • Soulful sovereignty.
  • And more to unfold...

My own expanding & awakening would not be possible without mentorship, accountability & transformative healing from my allies and guides. Equally so, I know you are here, on this page, curiosity leading, because you are ready to say yes to yourself and honor the golden thread of your truth that has been shimmering through your life all along.

But you know you are not here to do it alone, you are here on this page to change the story, ready to lean in, ready to be seen, to be held, to be affirmed. You are ready to call forth your magic from down in the deep and be cheered on as you tap your own divine spring and be acknowledged when you courageously stand firm in the face of dynamic change.

This is an opportunity to build your creative momentum, unleash your magic and truly, deeply confidently spread your wings.

Life is different, you are different. When you commit to the feminine power and creativity that already and always lives within, magic happens. It's time to plug in and turn on.

what people are saying about working with me... 

"After our sessions I would feel more connected to myself and congruent with my purpose. This was the first time in my life that I felt connected to my divine feminine. Investing in your feminine wisdom is a MUST. I feel more like myself than I ever have and I now have been able to hold that space for woman. Everything is different." Loren // Creative Alchemy Client

"Tulasi is a master at guiding you to find your own way. I have never experienced before such attentive & inspiring support to come up with my own answers." Saeri Star // innerglowing.com

"I feel more relaxed in moments of chaos. I was seeking clarity and what I got was a deeper sense of presence and trust in myself. This has led to choices that feel organic and authentic. I see myself speaking up and asking for what I need where I kept quiet before. You are incredible skilled at what you so. You hold this space beautifully with great respect for the process and the journey."  Marie // Life Design Client 

"My attitude has changed completely, I feel lighter, softer, wiser, sweeter, and more authentic and aligned with my soul-gifts. Tulasi has also helped me build my courage and revisit old patterns to understand where they arose from and why. She has mirrored back to me, serving as witness to my self-limiting stories and my survival dance. I no longer pay attention to mainstream culture, but rather have delved deeper and deeper into my soul-work with women." Caroline // Creative Alchemy Client

"Since working with Tulasi I now know that in order to be able to stay present in my life, this world, I need to express myself, this is the key to presence, to feel whole and connected, to myself and life." Jubine Nujemer // discoveryourbrightness.nl