Humans are meaning making machines. We define and determine what things mean in order to navigate our world with more ease. 

Where beliefs match up we find commonalities, communities, tribes. Where beliefs challenge or conflict each other we might find dynamic dialogue stretching the edges and nourishing growth for both sides, but often times as of late we see defensive displays of anger, judgement and even hate (on which I might write more another time). 

11:11 has multiple meanings depending on who you ask. I’ve heard it described as angelic numbers, as a doorway to the spirit realm, and more. Ultimately every time I see 11:11 (which, truth be told, is quite frequently) I take it as a divine wink from the universe, a reminder that magic exists, as a call back to my own center. 

To me this is how awareness is awakened and ritual is born. Taking something small that arises consistently and linking it to something that has a greater meaning. This is how we enrich our lives. This is how change happens. Be it through time aligned or any other cosmic nudge in our own lives that reminds us we are part of something bigger & that we are connected.

Whatever meaning we are making, whatever beliefs we believe, my hope, my prayer is that we can all find ways to return to center and remember the sacredness and soulfulness available in the spaces between all the attachments to beliefs and things. 

Today on 11/11 I offer an ode of gratitude to 11:11 for being a sweet and simple reminder of alignment with something greater, a reminder that it’s not all up to me, a reminder that there are portals to the possible opening up Daily, a reminder to simply be here now -fully me- and breathe. 

Blessings on your path friends. May you know and feel and celebrate the blessings within you and around you, today and everyday. 🙏🏼