Beginning the Star Journey

Beginnings are interesting. Sometimes it takes awhile to find your way in, to sink into a rhythm and groove.  A New Year equals a new beginning and I feel like I’ve been in a portal slowly crossing the threshold, only now, finally feeling like I am standing in 2013.  Energetically it feels good. I feel clear in my soul and connected to an unwavering sense of truth and guidance.  Yet, as with most beginnings the unknown is also a guiding principal, mystery leaves no clear markers to guide the way. It’s a moment-to-moment unfolding in a changed and changing world.

I stared at the stars tonight while talking to a friend across the ocean.  For whatever reason they seemed extra bright, glowing in the dark of a new moon night.  Looking into the dark glittering sky always feels like a dreamy invitation into magic, mystery, and infinity.  In a matter of weeks we’ll both embark on international travel, guided to different places in the world yet both led by Soul-full-Source, knowing its time for such steps into the world. Tonight, while talking and sipping on stars and sky I felt comforted and connected…  awake to dreams of vast possibilities yet also anchored to a profound sense of embodied awe and center. I am here and everywhere at once…. a sensation steeped strong from the simple act of bathing in starlight, sweet friendship, and the present moment.

In three weeks I get on a plane to travel home to a place I’ve never been. India. Ma India. She’s influenced my whole life, a part of who I am, giving me roots in name and purpose, guiding me into seva and spiritual awareness, chanting to me in Her goddess tongues, inviting me to breathe it all in and experience every last drop… light and dark, big and small, sacred and profane. She’s been calling and enchanting me to return to her, to re-learn her and re-member some essential part of myself.  Finally it’s time.

Like the vastness of the night sky its impossible to predict what will emerge in India. Travel is taking me to the North. Ten days will be spent in a Feminine Spiritual Embodiment retreat with women from all over the world. After a short break, eight days will be spent in an ashram on the Ganges for an International Yoga Festival where I’ll steep in practice and the principals that shape it.  Afterwards I’ll make my way to the land of Krishna, the cowboy love God of consciousness and bliss, the reason I am named Tulasi  Adeva, and open my self to whatever teachings He chooses to reveal. Those are the plans, the bright stars in my sky of Indian possibilities. Surely magic and mayhem will likely intervene in unexpected ways.

Adventure is hovering close I can feel it. I am enchanted by the sacred, lured by the exotic colors and spice, intrigued by the culture and spirit of Ma India. It feels like I am seeking something that my soul will recognize even though my mind hasn’t identified what it is.I wonder if I am opening myself up to the beginning of a whole new way of being in the world. It surely feels impossible to determine what life looks like on the other side of this journey. Somehow, naturally, life will be the same and also, obviously unpredictably transformed.

So far, the New Year has started with a solid serving of solitude and reflection. Hours of reading and writing have felt like a luxury. Cocooned in the gateway of this new beginning, reflection has been emerging into inspiration and inspiration slowly growing roots that will surely blossom big things.  ‘Magic’ and ‘meditation’ are words that regularly want to be swallowed and embodied. ‘Play’ is calling me and ‘connection’ comes in close for tangible textured requests.  Words are weaving a foundational rhythm, re-igniting my passion for reading and motivating my desire to write.  In this space of words and inspiration the roots of the year are growing deep into the dark earth.  Supporting the ongoing alchemy of new growth, India hovers in close to add its tempo and energy to the mix. Come spring, after a month of reading and writing, dreaming and teaching, after six weeks in India and whatever discoveries She has in store, I am curious what blossoms will be emerging and guiding me deeper into the year.

I was recently asked about my intentions for 2013, sharing them here seems a relevant way to conclude my writing for the night.  To guide the year’s emerging growth and lead me ever onward, I intend to experience magic, to unleash the magic already within me, and to savor the magic I find in the myriad moments in which it may arrive. I intend to write, to play with the words that are stirring up inspiration and practice, and to put myself out there into the wide, wide glittering sky for the world to see.  I intend to go for it… to trust, be fearless (even when fear is hammering me into a mini panic) and freaking say YES and dive in! Ultimately I intend to experience radiant playfulness, inspired balance, centered effervescence, and expansive delight as the guiding principals for the next 365 days.