Design Your Life

Design your life means willing to go out on the proverbial limb. It means saying yes to your heart. It means stepping outside the box of ‘normal’ accepted ways of navigating the day to day reality. Cliché concepts maybe, but as direct lived experience; you have a foundation for a powerfully alive reality.

Lately designing my own life means getting a little uncomfortable, exposing myself a bit more, taking leaps of faith without having everything all figured out – this last one being a serious stretch (generally my big beautiful brain likes to have it all figured out).

Being a healer, a helper, a person of service -invested in helping people feel good about themselves, their lives and the path they’re walking- hasn’t always jived so well with being a businessperson.  My heart, natural skill, and subsequent training makes the former come with ease, the later I am slowly having to learn and grow into.

And my is it stretching me. Being a yoga instructor I know that stretching is an act of creating more space for new realities to emerge. I know the new edges I am pushing up against will one day open up a whole new realm of possibilities that likely won’t feel as impossible or far off as they do now.  Just like in yoga class, we don’t start with the advanced fancy asana, we play with the basics – again and again and again. And each time, if we’re willing to get curious about the edges, exploring them, leaning into them, growing with them, from them, and in spite of them, something begins to change. We refine what we know, dive deeper in and discover a level of skill and awareness that comes from our dedication.  The natural progression of our commitment leads us to the next level in class (and in life). And so, like yoga class, we evolve forward into a new sequence.

Currently I am learning the new rhythm. Humbled by the not knowing. And getting curious about how to navigate with more grace and ease.

Stepping into business and entrepreneurship is a crazy (and necessary) curve in this road of service I’ve been cruising down. I made a commitment to actually CREATE and offer something that INSPIRES me (and others) to live life more fully awake and engaged with all we are capable of contributing to this wonderful, wild and wounded world. That commitment has led me to leave numerous jobs that didn’t allow me to fulfill this heart calling. Being in line with my own truth feels amazing, but to be perfectly honest, the necessary steps required to actualize the dream definitely have felt a bit daunting.  Still I press on because it’s what I am meant to do. Sometimes you just know it and there’s no other choice.

What it has required so far…

  • Stretching the comfort zone
  • Facing the vulnerability of being seen – really seen, all of me, heart & soul, beauty & flaws, grace & chaos
  • Showing up for myself and staying committed to my own visions and dreams
  • Loving myself even more – even when I screw up, or don’t get it right, or am not an ‘overnight’ success
  • Being accountable to authenticity
  • A willingness to learn
  • Do it anyway, even when it’s hard and feels overwhelming
  • Walk my talk

Some steps have been easier than others. Some moments I have wanted to quietly slide back to a more comfortable and familiar place of just working for someone else and adapting to another’s mold.  Some moments have offered up whispers of magic and inspiration that have made every effort absolutely worth it and gratefully my commitment, my passion is renewed.

And so, I say yes, yes to designing my life and creating a life I love. I will say yes even when it pushes me and challenges me and makes me confront my own fear and doubt.  I will keep saying yes until my last breath because I will not sit back and let a world of tight binding beliefs and compartmentalized thinking keep me from the exhilarating artistry of what it means to be alive. As me. Fully.  I will continue to step closer and closer to the edges until I discover the wings that let me fly.

Are you ready to design your life? It’s not for the unadventurous. It is in fact a courageous act of self-love, a leap of faith toward embodying your whole self, a willingness to let your life be your art.  If your heart tugs with desire and your body just feels like there is so much more you want to be doing or ought to be doing….If you’re ready to put your self and your story on the drawing board (or the metaphorical yoga mat) lets move, breathe, explore, discover, design and create a revitalized, awake, clear and confident new reality (for you, for me, for the world… we are after all, all in this together). The choice is yours. It always is. When you give yourself the time it becomes easy to recover all the ways you shine.

You are the artist, your life is the master piece… What have you created so far?

Call me and we’ll turn your life into a great work of purposeful self expression.  808-212-7470