August Nourishing Nugget

Aloha & Namaste!

It’s been three and a half months since I dropped in on your inbox… how has life been moving you? what have you let go of in these past months? what have you discovered? what are you now celebrating? i’m so curious…

I hope this message finds you savoring the sweetness of all that has been moving in you and around you this summer. Even the stickiness of challenge seems to be delivering a kind of nectar these days, an elixir to help us transform and move beyond our old preconceived ideas about who we are and how to share ourselves in the world. Each shift is providing an opportunity to go deeper, to trust a little more of the magic that resides within us, and to shine a little brighter. How exciting is that?

My wish for you late in this 2012 summer is that you are surrounded by people that lift you higher, who let you know that you are loved and magnificent just as you are, but who also invite you to shine even brighter in your unique soul fire. Listen to those who hold you to a high standard, they see the Truth of who you are. Trust that any challenges you are facing will inevitably deliver treasures you can’t possibly foresee. These treasures will help you expand and embody your greatest Truth.  And we (me, your friends who lift you up, your family, your tribes, this whole wild world) need you, your medicine is unique, your perspective essential, as your magic is part of the recipe that will alchemically transform our world. Aren’t you ready to live your truth and shine your soul fire?

Take a moment and lean in to your Self. Listen to what is present for you now, in this moment. Really. Just pause, lean away from the computer screen and back into your body, your breath. What are you aware of? Physically? Emotionally? …What is the texture of your experience? Keep coming back to the breath as a guide, as a doorway in to what is happening for you in this moment. Our greatest medicine is often right here, in this moment, hiding deep beneath the layers of all the busy-ness we create, beneath the obligations, beneath the external noises, beneath the uncomfortable sensations we want to avoid. Breathe. Lean in. Listen. Discover. It is all happening now and everything you need is right here. Can you feel it?

My invitation for you as we move towards the end of summer… keep letting go of what no longer serves your deepest longings and soul callings… continue to be curious about what is right here in this body you have been given, on this path that you are walking… say yes to all the ways that life is moving you and inviting you to dance, say yes to the possibilities of offering your greatest gifts to the world… and of course celebrate, celebrate with all your heart, the countless blessings that are already here growing all around you… savor the sweetness and say yes to the magic that you are!

Intentional Life Design News…

I’ve spent the last three months in motion, fully feeling the fire of summer moving me, transforming me, and purifying my path so that I may continue to live my service with passion, purpose and joy. From stepping into new teaching ventures, to taking on a collaborative partner in ILD, to a growing private practice, to an Atma Soul Immersion Training with Saul David Raye, to invested planning of the Planting Seeds Yoga & Embodiment Retreat, along with a steady stream of visitors, a big-deal Birthday, and a brave step out on my own (I am now fully and completely Self Employed!) this has been one rich and powerful summer! Wow! I am feeling incredibly blessed, overwhelmed with gratitude, and full of inspired fire as I continue to commit to my path with consistency and courage. Yes, Intentional Life Design is about creating a life you love and living boldly in the direction of your dreams.

Want to create a life YOU love? Want a dose of Soul Food? Want support making a big change? Want to take better care of your body mind health? Click in to some of these awesome and nourishing adventures that Intentional Life Design offers….