Turning Toward Center

As the year winds down I find my energy dropping in deeper and deeper. There is a pervasive slowness that has gotten more and more pronounced over the past few weeks. The quality of my everyday rhythms have shifted, my runs have turned into walks, I’ve allowed myself to linger longer in bed, I’ve been taking more time for tea, I read a lot, I’ve been writing regularly, and I feel dreamier and more meditative. As we move into Winter Solstice, both the shortest and darkest day of the year, its the perfect time to coil our energy inward. Despite all the usual holiday acceleration, from parties, to gift shopping, to the stressors of family dynamics, to the various must do’s of your own holiday traditions and rituals, this really is a time intended for slowing down and connecting more deeply to ourselves.

When we turn toward center we draw our energy inward which enables us to take inventory of where we are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Taking stock of our own inner experience is deeply nourishing. It provides us with the chance to acknowledge ourselves, all that we do, and all we have accomplished. Likewise, we also get to see where we didn’t quite achieve our goals or the moments where we failed to live our truth. Ultimately it gives us a chance to asses where we are and where we’ve been over the course of the year. As such it helps us begin to cultivate the intentions and seeds we’d like to see grow as we move into a new year.

What heart callings and soul longings are tucked in deep beneath the surface of your everyday experiences? What aspects of how you have been living and behaving can you shed and let go of?

Moving toward center deepens us into the truth of who we are and where we are at this point in our journey. As you draw deeper into center consider what nourishes your divine spark and what brings more of your true essence into the room at any given moment. Take note of where you feel depleted and where you have been out of alignment with your truth. This review is essential for cultivating more personal power and moving forward in your life with authenticity and integrity. As the quote in the picture above suggests, we must release all the limiting stories we carry around about ourselves so that we can choose, without restriction, the life we truly envision and intend for ourselves, the life that is waiting for us.

Taking inventory of where our passions and desires are helps us plan and navigate the actions necessary to support our big ideas of the heart, mind, and spirit. Simultaneously, having the courage to honestly address the aspects of ourselves that have been self limiting and keeping us living small is an integral part of cultivating our capacity to move forward with more strength, grace and impact. Acknowledging both our light (the places where we shine and excel with our heart forward) and our dark (the places where we are constricted, ego leads, and unhealthy patterns prevail) with an honest review is part of the deepening. This process connects us to our essence and ultimately helps reveal more of our light.

Tomorrow is the shortest, darkest day of the year. I invite you to fold inward and inhabit your own space. Celebrate who you are, the essence that is you and the incredible light that you shine. Consider what isn’t serving your highest good and most authentic self expression and let it go with out apology. Life is too short to compromise your incredible and unique spirit. Trust that the more fully you honor and support your self in this way the more you give others the permission to do the same. If even one of us turns toward center to cultivate and nurture the light within, it can’t help but serve to ripple more light into the world around us. And, if you ask me, that’s how we heal ourselves, each other, and the whole world. May the darkest day be abundantly filled with our magnificent luminescence.