When Life is a Pain in the Neck

Have you ever have those moments in life, where you’re going along, doing what needs to be done, generally feeling like you are being a pretty good human being…Then bam. It’s a kind of crap storm in your world. Suddenly your life is on agitation-station and one thing after another seems to be tripping you up, slowing you down or putting a literal or energetic crick in your neck.

Yeah, those extra fun (there should be a font for sarcasm) moments when life feels like an utter and complete pain in the neck.

Well, what do you do? Do you quit? Do you grumble? Do you piss and moan to friends? Do you push harder with edgy attitude? Do you whimper in pain and shy away from it all?


Do you surrender, slow down, and listen a little deeper?

This month has been thick with momentum, energetically and astrologically some big energy has been moving around. Personally it has contributed to some profound course altering insights but has also put some sizeable bumps on the path and a literal crick in the neck (shoulder actually, but the excruciating discomfort has been equally relevant).

So, again, what to do when the school of life is offering up transformation through the course of hard knocks?

I have been chewing on that question for a while… feeling a natural inclination to slow down to reflect and listen to what needs to be done. Yet, as we (I) so often do, I continued pushing into each day tackling the to do list of the things I think I need to address to progress.

Well, the beauty of the body is its capacity to feel. Both pleasure and pain. Obviously we seek for pleasure, but generally have so much to learn from pain.  Today, it was pain that slowed me down to a screeching halt. All I could do was breathe, surrender and listen.

Here is what I heard:

Pain is a teacher.

Reminding me to Breathe.

Sternly pushing me to ask for help.

Inviting me to receive the help, graciously.


Pain is an opportunity to pause.

To pay attention to the subtlety of whatever life is serving up.

And to ultimately reassess the current trajectory.


Sometimes we want what we want (when we want it).

And life has different plans.

Sometimes the Universe’s vision isn’t all sunshine and flowers.

But surely it’s leading us somewhere beautiful if we can just stay present for the ride and expand into what is.


The next time life is feeling out of control and maybe even being a pain in the neck…

Slow down.


Definitely Breathe.

And reconnect to the deep wisdom that you are.

The answers on how to proceed are there waiting for you.