Spring Cleaning, Exhilaration and Taking the Big Leap

It's been two weeks since returning to my sweet island after a rich adventure on the mainland. Daily I have felt unbridled gratitude for the beauty of HOME. The place that raised me. The beauty of nature. The sweet and simple space where I rest my head. The vibrant energy of spring seems to be pulsing through everything. The colors are brighter, the flowers in bloom, the radical urge to purge the clutter in my physical and mental space. 

Spring is here and I have been two feet in, all the while riding a strong wave of "clean and clear." Spring cleaning is a thing, yes. It feels good to sort and sift after winter, to bring air and light to what has been tucked away. I'm feeling the spring cleaning but also feeling like a good soul scrubbing is happening simultaneously.

I feel myself purging some old stories and outgrown patterns, while facing some dusty conners of my life that need some serious love and attention. It's amazing how long we can go with out looking in the direction of what we want to keep hiding from ourselves. The short hand truth of this story is that in the past few months of growing and stretching in to some incredible offers experiences and invitations, I've neglected some of the essentials that keep this vessel running. Without giving you the down and dirty, since I'm on a clean and clear wave and all, I'll tell you I seriously needed to see a dentist and my money was begging me for a date to get things back on track towards prosperity.

Being human is quite the juggling act though isn't it. It feels like we expand in stages. Often times disproportionately. We grow in one area but drop the ball in another. I've been reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and he has some great insight on this.

When we expand and things start going really well, we unconsciously contract to keep ourselves in the box of our current level of operation. This is in part because a). we don't believe we can fully feel good or b). there's unconscious fear that if we do feel that good, then something bad will happen. The Big Leap is the act of expanding exponentially into our zone of genius, getting outside of the limiting boxes we confine ourselves to and existing in a place that has a sense of magic and flow. 

Obviously there's more to it than that. It's really quite a phenomenal book inspiring me to dive deeper into my own work of what living juicy is all about. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am committed to living in my zone of genius, both for the benefit of my own soul and for the service it may offer to others and the planet.

I have been committed to this path for as long as I can remember, though I may have called it by other names. This drive is the process of the juicy life, the fruit is the sweet reward of being in the zone of genius and plugging in to the magic that we are here to deliver. Every day I get closer, and everyday, I fail forward falling flat on my face. My commitment requires showing up for myself with curiosity and compassion everyday, celebrating where I'm expanding and investigating those places where I am struggling, suffering, or lagging behind. I find it's easy to look outside and point out all that's wrong and not working. Looking inside and cleaning house from the inside out is a tougher job. 

But it's essential, and necessary. And I'm committed. For my own expansion and to be a leader, teacher and guide for others. If we all step into that juicy, joy filled space of creative flow this world would be an amazing masterpiece to experience. Gay Hendricks book is an elegant tool for maintaining the course, exceeding expectations and ultimately succeeding at living your juiciest life .

Stepping in to that next level of success, soul expansion and joy came for me last month with an invitation to speak at the G3 Women's conference in Sonoma. I was incredibly honored to speak along side some phenomenal and wise women. Women gathered from all over the bay area and beyond to show up for themselves, to discover new ways to engage their best selves, in business and in life. Stepping in front of a room of women committed to grow and expand into their radiance is incredibly inspiring. To share my passion and joy with them was exhilarating. I felt absolutely alive and in exactly the right place, totally charged up and on fire to share what inspires me about how we learn, heal, and create. The response I received was humbling, I was so delighted to touch move and inspire such an incredible room of women.

Because the conference was designed in such a way that the speakers were also participants over the three days, I felt I got a chance to know these women, really see them, and be equally inspired by their lives, their truths, their stories. Over the course of the conference the common thread of fascination for me was how each woman stepped into herself and shared her authenticity. I was as wowed by the polished speakers as I was by the women who tentatively stood up to share or ask or connect. The bottom line of the whole experience is we are all phenomenal women. And no matter the gifts I may bring to share (in any circumstance) there are always more to be received from the brightness of each being I bear witness to. 

I had the pleasure of being in northern California for a few weeks. I was hosted by the most amazing people who took such good care of me along the way with places to stay, cars to drive, rides to where I needed to be. I was baffled by the changing face of San Francisco, streets that used to know the feel of my feet had been repaved, remodeled, reshaped to some new version of urban chic. The money has moved in and the edgy, artsy, grunginess that always made San Francisco feel like an open door for any felt like it was near swept out. I'm sure the money has always been there and that other pockets of the city have shape shifted in times before, but I noticed this time. A place I once knew and loved as home, no longer felt that way. Things are always changing. As are we. 

The end of my trip was a deep dive into creative space with 13 other entrepreneurs committed to taking life and business to the next level. I was invited to both be a participant and to teach yoga for this amazing immersion into uninhibited commitment to all out self expression and success. As always proves to be true: I LOVE gathering with women. I am always touched, moved, and inspired by the ways in which each woman shows up and shares her heart, her art, her beauty, and her wisdom. And we all dove DEEP in commitment to our passion and purpose, in commitment to taking action, in commitment to lifting each other up, in commitment to bring ing more magic and genius and love into this world. For the benefit of all. That is the kind of work I will get up for, get down with and everything in between. I am thrilled to be kickin ass alongside some visionary creatives that the Uninhibited Mastermind called in. 

It was a good trip. A very good trip. 

I returned to Kauai almost two weeks ago and daily I've been grateful to BE here. Life is simple on an island (even when it's not) and that is so refreshing in a world that moves at a truly dizzying pace. We aren't exempt on the island from all the numerous distractions, endless responsibilities and the ever growing influx of people. However, all of it is happening against a vast backdrop of natural beauty, which CONSTANTLY reminds me of the simple true rhythm of what's really important. Deep breaths. Gratitude. Authentic connection. 

The island truly is my greatest teacher. Everyday she offers up the profound wisdom of transformation. The changing shape of my favorite beach as it weathers the ever present tides and seasons, the shifting light as the sun cycles it's way through the sky, the solid stillness of the mountains teaching steady commitment as they hold strong against a wide weathering sky.

This earth based wisdom is a core foundation of how I understand embodiment. This connection to earth, sea, and sky teach me about the rhythms of my own inner landscape. This foundation of awareness is the building block of how I teach my classes, work with clients, lead groups and speak from the front of the room. I feel deep reverence and gratitude for the island and her teachings. No matter how many times I fly away she always folds me back into her embrace with new lessons and refreshing reminders of the true source of things.

Here I am, folding back in to the elemental alchemy that defines, refines, and guides my approach to coaching, therapy and ultimately, most importantly, to living juicy. And juicy it is. As I root back in to the rich ground beneath me and savor the glorious nourishment of this place, I reflect on all that I have just experienced, learned and expanded into and know that this year is the year I am committed to taking The Big Leap. 

There is sure to be more magic unfolding soon. Stay tuned.