activate or atrophy

healing. wholing. wellness. well being. we all want to be well. feeling good is the goal right? feeling alive.

but the truth is, you're either growing or your dying. cells are simply like that. activate or atrophy.

and yet we have lost the simple wisdoms. in modern day marketing. and one too many beers drunk in front of tv. selling us prescriptions with long lists of side effects promising to cure one thing at the cost of everything.

humans are interesting. what we deem as worthy of attention and when we stretch and rise to meet the nudging of body. curiously forgetting the inner oracle always there to open us to the greater field of knowing.

somewhere along the way we have forgotten how magic and miraculous we are. we have forgotten that we, cell and synergy, can regrow bones, can transform pain into pleasure, can catalyze weakness into strength.

somewhere along the way we were told that we didn't have the power. that we weren't experts on our own bodies. that we didn't know god or know the truth or know what was happening in our own eco system of Self.

and we have subscribed to the amnesia like a badge of pride not knowing any better. lost in the parking lot of the medical mind, the old world paradigm, the current of life unplugged from true source, being dealt by the shadowy middle man - the ones who claim money & science as the sanctity of total understanding.

but they have forgotten the old ways, the deep truths, the soul pulse of energy attuned.

today i was walking and people were naturally drawn to my dog ruby. she's alive, expanding, in the moment, joy on paws. and people are hungry for it. they are hungry for their own life force. and they are looking for the holy mirrors, the unexpected or the safe places of reflection that remind them of who they truly are, of what they truly are, and of what they really want.

my teachers teach that we are on the leading edge of evolution. the leading edge of evolution. the leading edge of evolution. i could say it again and again, like a prayer, like a road map, like an invocation, like an inquiring exploration.

what is possible really if creativity is expanding exponentially through me? what if everything i need is already within me?

that would likely require i remember some things. some things i buried deep.

the wild things the instinctual things the witchy things they beat out of me.

but what if this pulse of body breath and bone is the rhythm of remembering. what if the keys to our full spectrum aliveness are already in our hands?

what does it take to turn toward ourselves and listen attune to the deeper layers to the wild places the the richness that is always happening within?

we are far more powerful than we know.