The intensity of our time seems to be rising ever higher. The waves threaten to consume us as they dislodge old patterns of fear, scarcity, shame.

Recently in my own shadows I found myself repeating the question, "what is the point of all of this?" But even as the contraction had me facing my own darkness, my soul was holding space, making room, allowing the discomfort of alchemy.

Healing and transformation is not easy. It calls for courage, presence, space. It asks us to stay with what is, tending it with gentleness, trusting that the other side holds deeper roots, wider reach, greater ease.

Take heart dear ones, the revolution will not be televised, the revolution is taking place right now in your heart, your belly, your soul.

Take time to honor what is coming up and sloughing off. Ask for help if you need it. Give thanks for the lessons learned and the ways these old patterns have served to keep you safe. Then turn toward what is emerging.

Take the seat, embody the stance, claim the space,
and own the grace of your becoming. The vision you hold for yourself and the world is more than just a dream, it's a portal of potential.

You are a queen, powerful beyond measure, with medicine this world so deeply needs.

This is work we must all do. On ourselves, for ourselves. But this does not mean we are alone. We are doing this together, for each other, for the benefit of all.

May we rise and shine as the fullest expression of who we are.