all in

increase your tolerance for bliss.
show up and strip down naked
when the wind is high and the moon is up.
revel in pleasure and reveal your self to your self.
your body always knows, well before your mind does.
but do you listen?

walk down the grand slope of timeless time
immerse yourself in the waters of delight.
go slowly, slowly,
slower still.
feel it touch you
every sweet spot of you
every ever loving inch of you.
can you put down your shield and stay?
and what of hands
and heat and touch
of all the many and varied kinds?
can you call the rain of blessings
in your ritual dance of body
remembering rhythm
feeling the music
honoring the ritual
knowing pleasure
is the point of power


your all in presence is required
feel me
feel this
lets build a fire and circle in
something quiet is opening
in a slow rising tide toward ecstasy
do you dare?
will you share?
lets go all the way in...