Awakening Woman

The path of the rising sisterhood, 
awakening woman, 
yogini, priestess,
midwife of a new age
Is the sadhana. 
Eating the smoldering coals
of the painful power-full fires
of this wild life.
Burning, burning, burning
Birthing, birthing, birthing
New life. 

Do we ask for what we need?
The goddess moves us
asks us
is us
and we know She is BiG... 

Yet we feel small. 
A terrible two-step
that repeats unconsciously.

What if we remembered
how much we mattered
because we were told everyday?

What if we expanded,
feeling our selves fully
because we lived juicy in every way?

What if we opened the doors
to the inside of the inside,
and remembered who we truly are?

Drinking the soul medicine of
patience, presence and wonder
let us surrender to our own shine. 

It's time. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for. 
She has come
And She is you
and She is me.

Do you dare
love yourself that much?

Do you dare
remember the Truth of who you really are?

Do we dare
to awaken as Woman?

We matter.
I remember.

I have been waiting for you
You have been waiting for me.

Let's weave and wake together.