Crisis of Connection

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I am too exhausted to write all the things I want to say. But this is clear and true and real and here and happening right now: there is far too much pain in the world. 

and layers
and layers
of trauma. 

And as a result: 

Pain patterns in a loop. 
impossible to deny. 
Hard to shift,
immune to our cultural obsession with the #quickfix.

My teachers describe Trauma as a loss of connection. Our wounded world is painfully fragmented- full of projection, burying shame, avoiding impossible truths, and numbing the disconnect & discontent with every kind of distraction. 

Loss of connection indeed. 
To body. 
To soul. 
To source. 


Daily I hear story after story
of disrupted communication, 
family chaos, 
We can endure a lot, but individually & collectively
I wonder how much more we can take. 
Can we heal the generations of pain? 
Can we untangle the past and find our way forward
with any sense of grace? I pray. 

The only thing that seems possible, available, true, in this moment, in life, everyday: cultivate connection. 

Reach out. Lean in. Listen. 
Ask about another’s experience. 
Care about their answer. 
Be present. 
Surrender the small me. Widen the scope. 
Pay attention. Contribute. 
Be courageous enough to allow vulnerability (yours or another’s) without trying to fix, change, numb, avoid, or rush toward relief... Bare witness. Look. See. Connect. Believe. 

I keep feeling the gentle intimacy of holding someone’s hand. The unspoken support of standing by someone’s side. The invaluable insight gained when you take on a new perspective and look out through someone’s eyes. 

If we are willing to see, look, listen... If we dare to feel. We might, slowly, gently, begin to heal. .

I pray. 

And if you ever need a hand, a heart, an ear, mine are open. 💜