10 Step to an Epic New Year

Step into the New Year with clarity, integrity, and commitment for expansive fulfillment.

1. Eliminate Distractions

Find those bad habits that leak energy. You know, endlessly scrolling facebook, chronically checking your email as if you were expecting an all expense paid vacation to land in your inbox, talking about other people, etc etc etc… All the things that are not in service to your highest health, happiness and offerings for all beings… LET IT GO > > > > > > >

2. Act with Intention & Dedication

Align yourself with what you desire and then show up for it. Set a purposeful course and commit to it. Decide how you want to feel, what you want to experience, what kinds of energy you want to connect to and keep that on the dashboard of your mind. Attune yourself to those intentions and dedicate your choices and actions to supporting them. Start small, water the seeds and watch what grows from there.

3 . Focus on What You LOVE, and Do It

All those things you say you love, go and do them. You love hiking? GO get outside! You love yoga? Commit to your practice even more! You love writing? Get the pen to the paper or the fingers to the keys regularly. You love learning? Read some new books, or take a class. All of us have doubts and fears, all of us want to be ‘good enough’ or excellent even, at that thing we love so we can shine and be seen. Well, put your love into it. Do it cause you LOVE it not for how you look. Bring your heart to whatever wakes it up with joy for thesheer fact that it tickles your heart with happiness. Play with what you love. And let it play with you.

4. Practice the Art of Graceful Receiving

Open yourself to all the blessings that arrive in a given day. A moment of quiet for yourself, a big hug from a dear friend, an offer to help, a call from your mother, a compliment, money for services time and energy offered, a gift, a joke, an unexpected call from someone you love, a postcard, wise words from a stranger teacher or friend, an inspired idea… or any other wide and wonderful gifts that may come. Acknowledge all that comes, celebrate it, savor how it made you feel, and let yourself deeply receive.

5. Develop Discipline

Commit, unwavering to the practices that serve your highest good. Create a conscious routine that supports expansion. Find time for the cushion, daily journal gratitude or gifts form the universe, feel your body through yoga or exercise, eat nourishing foods. Make space for these things that are essential to our well being, not just because its good for you, but because the ritual of it and commitment to it transforms and awakens your soul.

6. Allow Magic In

Push the envelope of possibility. Remember you are the creator. Get a little bigger. Savor the wonder. Inspire more people. Invite in new experiences.  Stretch your capacity. Awaken to the adventure that is your life. Allow yourself to be WoWed!

7. Create Connection

Reach out. Be real. Let vulnerability lead you to intimacy. Look people in the eye. Express genuine appreciation through thought, word ,and deed. Do it a lot. Invite someone to play, to tea, to talk. Connect with your community. Show up. Touch someone. Say yes. The littlest gestures can unfold into the greatest depth.

8. Act As If

Determine how you want to feel and act the part. Use your desired feelings (thanks Danielle LaPorte) as a reference point for your decisions. Is that purchase, activity, relationship, offer, snickers bar gonna make you feel the way you want to feel? Is sunshine, fresh air, a million dollars, a good laugh, a vacation gonna bring you those feelings? Decide how you want to feel and act as if. How does happiness act? How does love act? How does beautiful act? How does healthy act? Embody it, live it. be the creator that you are. Start from the inside and work your way out.

9. Set Yourself Free

Also known as ‘stop shoulding all over yourself’. Stop comparing yourself to your neighbors or friends. Drop the ruler of self judgement.  Make a list of all the ways you love yourself and all the ways you are already succeeding and doing a good job. Then make it into a paper airplane and send it flying. Let go and find more space in your day. More opportunities for play. Let yourself laugh wildly and be unpredictable. Take notes from puppies and live like someone left the gate open. Delight in the freedom you find and in all the ways you might find it. Love who you are, love what you love and let the rest go.

10. Drink It In

Like a cold glass of water after a long hike on a hot day, drink it in. This moment, get into it, wake up inside it, let it fill you until it breaths you. Take it all in, every mundane necessity to every soul altering transformation, and every wild dance move in between. Savor the richness, the beauty, the bounty. It’s all here for you. Take a deep breath, open your eyes, let it in. Feel it. Give thanks.