Fall in Love Again...

It's mornings like these that I fall in love again. 
In love with this island and its staggering beauty.
In love with this practice of yoga and its depths and nuance. 
In love with those who show up to connect to their bodies more deeply. 
In love with the endless potential for self discovery. 
Rooted to earth under a cloudless sky I fall in love again with this path, this practice, this passion that guides my life. 
There is so much chaos and intensity in this world, yet there is also such sanctuary in simplicity. 
Savoring the spaces where love pours back in, where love fills you up, where you remember who you are and what you're made of... now that just might be the most powerful and loving thing you can do today. 
Tell me, what are you savoring? Where are you falling in love again, and with what or whom?