Horror & Hurricanes

I was 13 when hurricane Iniki hit Kauai. I lived in a house at the foot of the Sleeping Giant & watched the storm tear my neighborhood apart from my kitchen window. The island was ravaged & it's always been a wonder to me that not more than our roof was lost. 

Nine years later I was living in San Francisco when the twin towers were struck on 9/11. I remember sitting in a student lounge at SF State watching the TV replay the insanity, trying to comprehend what was happening & what it meant. I recall having a nostalgic longing for home, scared that I lived in such a big city.

These two events, so different & distinct, share the same anniversary & in my mind are linked. I write about them together now because Mother Nature is again raging in ways that so many on the planet are feeling. Terrorism is being revealed as not only a nuclear threat from another nation but as a lived divide in race relations. From the micro to the macro we're in the thick of it.

In the past few days I've been in a bit of an energetic funk feeling the feels of an overwhelming world. A planet struggling to sustain balance in a desperately imbalanced ecosystem while humans keep on fighting, consuming, denying & pointing the finger somewhere else. 

It feels like the volume is on surround sound saying, "Wake up & pay attention. Link up, use your voices and figure things out."

It was easy to see the destruction and loss of Iniki & 911, and it was devastating. But if you looked deeper you also found a sense of community, camaraderie, and humanity. Community grew where once it was sparse. People helped and looked & listened. We became receptive to each other again, we felt what others were feeling & we were attentive. 

I'm curious what it takes to participate in life like this everyday, not just when disaster strikes. 

If anyone is overwhelmed & needs a safe place to be heard and held and seen in the quickening of these intense times, please don't hesitate to call on me 💜