Lighting the Path

I drove home in the glow of an incredibly full moon. Not just any moon, a supermoon. All that glow enhanced even further by being on an incredible island in the middle of the pacific that allows you to lean into all the mystery & magic in the most primal & embodied ways without much effort at all.

I am considering what this powerful full moon is revealing and more than anything, it’s telling me, showing me, it’s time to speak the truth. The truth about who I am, the truth about what I desire, the truth about what I have to offer.

I am here to change the world.

Its a bold statement, I know. It’s so bold it even shakes me up a bit, but in a good way, the kind of way that makes me want to live so fully that I truly have a powerful, positive impact. It’s an affirmation that demands that I actually embody my commitment. Even though this message has been pumping through my blood since I was a child, I have been shy to fully claim it, shy to own it as my truth. Now I am willing, I am ready. I embrace the vulnerability inevitable with such a brave assertion and I have answers for those who might have inquiry about this daring venture.

You see, I believe we are all here to change the world. We are after all living in some incredibly powerful times. I have come to believe that our ability to have an important impact is directly proportional to the development of our own consciousness. The more willing we are to discover our selves and expand in the direction of our dreams, without getting lost in the distractions of the material world, the more we are actually transforming the world around us.

What are you here for? Do you know?

This month I am asking the questions; Who are you? (who are you really, take a moment and consider this) and, What is it that you desire? (what calls you to action, what are you saying yes to, what connects you to your heart calling?). So much of our lives keep us from listening, truly deeply listening to our truths, our callings, and our deep knowing. Yet, even as the world around us appears to be speeding up, the invitation is for us to slow down, turn down the noise and reconnect to the inside of the inside, that deep wisdom place within us. The full moon suggests we pause in her illumination and open to deeper self understanding of both our strengths and weaknesses, feel the potential calling us forward, and recognize our unique contribution.

Every single one of us is one of a kind, each one of us has a special light to shine and a skill (or two) to share. Our world is in a tumultuous process of rearranging itself and as it surges and shifts at every level we are being asked to claim and step into more of who we are. We are the midwives of a new world. We are the ones leading the current edge of evolution. The responsibility to shine and share the best of what’s in us is the catalyst that will move us forward, both individually and collectively.

Again I ask… Who are you? What is it you truly desire? What is your service to the world? The time is now. Seek deeper. Live bolder. Shrug off fear like a costume that no longer fits your character. Don’t be foolish and think that you do not make a difference. You are here for a reason and I invite you to have no shame and SHINE. It’s time.