In response to the Manifesto Movement ( I wrote this last night.I am here. I am here to bring to life a new way of being.  I am passionate service lifting the veil of indifference and complacency that keeps us hiding our true essence. I am an invitation to expand through sharing our presence, our wonder and our magnificent uniqueness.

I am here. I am here to pay attention, to respond to the call that has been saying my name since I was a girl: “Tulasi, its you we’ve been waiting for,  Tulasi, are you ready to change the world?”.  I am here to trust my instincts, my heart, and my deep knowing. I am ready.

I am here. I am here to sing my truth and reveal myself in all my vulnerability and shine as I lean into my own embodied awakening, trusting that my journey of discovery and surrender creates a tremendous ripple.

I am here. I am here on this journey to dance laughter and wonder and possibility to life in every experience this path provides.  I am here to stay present in the rhythms of challenge and constriction trusting that they are my most valuable teachers.

I am here.  I am here to listen, to deeply listen, receptive to all that is possible, to see and discover pathways of awakening in even the most constricted of people and places.

I am here. I am here to shine the divine radiance that has taken shape as me and love everything: love you, love me, love the struggle, the delights, the conflicts, the adventures, the hard lessons, the beauty, the simplicity, the discovery. I am in love with every moment filled with gratitude to serve, to shine, to learn. I am here.