more love. more light. needed here.

a long time ago i stopped watching the news, i didn't understand why i felt overwhelmed and depressed. thankfully i began to understand that i am an empath and a highly sensitive person, which means I pick up all kinds of energetic emotional frequencies around me. this is an incredible tool, yet without knowing how to process the information it is, or rather has been, in my case, incapacitating.

thankfully i have learned and continue to learn how to use this ability for the greater good. thankfully it is a gift i apply to the work i do in my classes, in my relationships, and with my clients.

however, i still get emotionally overwhelmed, like when i look at the state of the world in the slivers and bites i am able to take it in. this week is leaving me HEAVY hearted and sickened by the insanity that drives many people on this planet.

a few things crushing the air out of my lungs right now:

- the eight year old girl found killed in santa cruz - not just because she's 8 or that it's in SC a supposed safe place, but because this is happening all over the planet in corners or neighborhoods we may never hear anything about and it needs to STOP. harming and killing children is impossible for me to comprehend. and i try with all my might to practice compassion, as my teacher says, and send more love instead of hate. but instead of hate i feel HURT and a burning outrage boils inside.

- the amount of black lives that have been radically and blatantly and unapologetically taken in the past few weeks and months - racism is evil and it's horrifying how rampant it still is. i am ashamed to be an American and part of a system that is so unjust, and I am pained by the fact that the system is designed to to perpetuate privilege for some based on the color of their skin. it is not lost on me the privilege my own color has provided, yet what i hear most loudly echo through my heart and soul is this: i want to live in a world where people are judged based on the content of their character not on the color of their skin. i want to be a heart forward and generous human that sees and loves people for being who they are. I want to change a broken system. i hope that i can and i will and i do. i hope that my friends who are impacted continue to teach me how to help and heal and speak truth.

- the murder of Cecil the lion- a majestically stunning creature that has so much to teach us about grace and courage and community and sustainability. murdered for sport. this makes me want to retch. i can't even watch the videos talking about it. why do humans need to kill, to trample, to push down and over ride other beings to feel powerful? i can't help but feel/know there is a better way with far less blood on our hands. i am heart broken over this. seriously, google a video of a lion moving in the wild, how can you not be inspired an in awe of such a creature. how could you even comprehend killing it?

- the dark act. a horrifying bill nullifying the states jurisdiction on telling us what's in our food. massive chemical companies are playing for profit with our HEALTH and they don't want us to know. not only do they not want us to know they are BLATANTLY lying. I recently saw a monsanto commercial on tv and was horrified at the farce, horrified that money can by a story even if that story is false, horrified that it's being fed to millions of people - literally and figuratively. if we fuck with food we fuck with health which means we screw our body which means our brains diminish instead of accelerate. want a visually stimulating way to learn more about this, watch a compelling movie i just saw, made here on kauai, watch it share it and start to discuss ( i am not a farmer (yet) but you can damn well bet i am getting a backyard garden going so i can learn and understand and support a movement of CHANGE.

yes, this is a rant about what pains me. a disclosure of what breaks me open when i scroll through my news feed and honestly i find myself dumbstruck, unsure of what to do. how do I be a voice, an advocate, a generator of change. i feel the desperate call to do MORE and i know the path for how is unfolding before me. i know that the medicine i bring is essential, just as is yours and yours and yours.

i work with people on their inner game. I work with women to remember and love their body. I support, facilitate and reignite the soul fire that brings forth brilliant power, truth and beauty in thought word and deed so that the world changes by changing how we relate to ourselves. when we change how we treat ourselves and learn to respect ourselves and revere the creative spark of divinity we ARE we can begin to actually SEE. see that light in others, see that brilliance in the living beings on the planet. and thus our healing becomes a microcosm of healing, a rippling wave that in fact changes everything. because as we shift, our relationships shift. as we shift, our world expands. as we shift, we awaken something new.

i am crystal clear there is no more time for hiding or playing small. i am clear that it's time to up level the game. for our children, for our planet, for each other. we are better than this and it's up to each and every one of us to bring our MEDICINE. the torch is hot in my hand and my heart is beating heavy and fast with truth ...and fear. but even if i shake i will climb and i will rise and i will link arms with those who know and feel and see that there IS a better way.

calling my tribe. reply. comment. message me. call me. let's talk about being the LIGHT. the world NEEDS us, DESPERATELY needs US. And we need each other. sending more love and more light, and more love and more light, and more love and more light, in ongoing streams, to all the places it's needed. may we wake up and heal before it's too late.