the path of purpose

purpose. path. calling. the nudging from the inside. the spirit with wings saying stretch wide catch the current. fill up with the breeze of life with prana shakti creative life force energy, spiraling open expanding into the field activating and awakening

you little soul are a bright light a holy teacher a sacred voice in the symphony and yet you have forgotten.

the art of life is in the remembering. in reweaving the tapestry of your own possibility what golden threads are tugging at your heart strings. what truly gets you juicy?

where do you plug in and turn on and reconnect into the matrix of everything? your story is the distillation of culture and consciousness, what is naturally coming forward through you? how can you harvest the fruits of your own growing, your own inner knowing, your own generous gifts to serve?

purpose. i think of this word and my spine straightens. i think of this word and my eyes hone in. purpose is the practice of walking the the path before you with divine curiosity harvesting the insights of your own journey and following the nudging the soul knowings, the divine winks, the holy heart beats that slip you back into rhythm with everything.

purpose is not always what we plan or expect. purpose is a presence. it's more about how we stand in who we are rather than what we do. it's what we stand for rather than where we stand. purpose is the drum beat that keeps us going through the dark nights of the soul and launches us from the high peaks of perspective.

little one, don't get to hung up on clarity. clarity is the illusion of control. clarity serves the structures of security but rarely supports the freedom of truly letting go. letting go into the mystery, into the blurry visions and half sensed whisperings of the coming unknown. purpose unfolds step by step. purpose is a call to live in the moment.

maybe you have been gifted a clear picture, a holy theme, a large sign with a neon arrow for direction.

but then, you are the hero, the heroine, the one that must follow the call and journey on through the initiations, into your own becoming

my path is different than yours but the stages have echoes of similarity.
archetypal patterns prioritizing purpose.

the call. the nudge, the knowing, the struggle, the voice that says not this, but THIS. 

then the refusal. the resistance, the turning away, not me. not now. not worthy. not this. not time.

but the echoing insistence presses upon us. it knocks on unexpected doors and shows up in the expressions of long time friends. suspicious synchronicities. all signs are pointing to the journey.

and so we begin. and in beginning we discover our allies and archetypes, the ones that cheer us on. the ones that know we are finally doing what we must do to be on purpose. 

this bolsters our journey through the initiations that come. the belly of the whale that waits. the necessary surrender and strength that is required.

the whole way we are learning. and eventually we have to face the shadow. slay the dragon. strip bare and claim the prize that has always lived inside. 

eventually, inevitably we return home rooted in purpose, carrying the medicine received. ready to share, create, and teach on purpose and divinely realigned with what called you in the first place.

so open your ears. heed the call. spread your wings and begin your journey.