Practice Makes Practice

In the quickening pace of the modern world we find ourselves in an epidemic of busy and tired.

Energy has become a national bestseller, the four hour energy drink pulling in millions in revenue a day, coffee an off the chart empire with a shop on every corner, the wellness industry booming with growth projected exponentially to tend to the imbalances in how we live. 

In the midst of this, simplicity has become my best friend. Asking myself “what is essential?” regularly becomes the compass guiding my way. Plugging in to practices that cultivate joy and power up presence, become the source of everything I can imagine and create. 

When we are out of balance it is easy to crave more of what keeps us out of balance. Coming back into balance might take some effort and a bit of hard work but once we find ourselves back in our own center, back in our own flow, we naturally crave more of what feeds our energy and light. 

Every morning I enter the temple of body, every morning I pray at the altar of breath and center and source, every morning I remember that this vessel is a sacred container. The way we start our day can literally be the beginning of everything. Take charge of your energy. You are a power source, plug in to what matters and turn yourself on. 

Join me for practice anytime, 🙏🏼