reclaim your capacity to thrive


i know you're hungry for success, fulfillment, confidence, connection (defined on your terms of course). you want to bring your gifts forward and be recognized, acknowledged and appreciated. you want to stop operating in survival mode and tap into your capacity to thrive. but the question is always the same... how?

most of us in the modern day operate primarily from the top down. we reflect, review, analyze, contemplate. we weigh our options, consider pros and cons, we strategize and plan. we affirm in attempt to manifest. we whisper to ourselves what we know even though it’s often times not what we do.

the world out there reinforces this reliance on mind. we think ourselves into existence. we believe the brules (bullshit rules) we have been fed. we try to avoid judgement, our own and those of the voices around us. we keep ourselves contained in too tight clothes, long ago outgrown, prioritizing the media perpetuated addiction to "looking good" over the essential power of feeling good. we rationalize, manicuring and managing ourselves in order to not rock the boat of the status quo, or we struggle in limbo trying to find both.

we falsify safety by thinking, planning, strategizing - aiming for control - rather than risk rejection through the uncertainty of expression or action.

we trust logic over mystery, containment over expansion. in short, we cut off the feminine in a masculine dominant world.

sadly, we’ve done this to survive.

but the time is upon us as women to reclaim our capacity to thrive. and to thrive we need to connect, move, create - each in our own unique and powerful ways.

now, please don't misunderstand me, our mind is a brilliant babe. we need her in all her reflective, idea generating glory to contribute to our wholeness, but we cannot let her run the show. we need that bodacious brain on a leash so we can actually explore the other realms of insight, wisdom and motivation.

so how exactly do we explore beyond logic and thought, so we can connect, create and cultivate with intention?

we slow it down. turn down the volume on that master tracker, multi-tasker, hyper vigilant mind.

we listen. notice. feel.

we pay attention to movement, energy and essence. in so doing a larger part of our feminine power is revealed.

please note that this is where many of us get uncomfortable. this is where we start to feel things. things we’ve tucked away and avoided. things that feel overwhelming and all consuming when we start to glance at them again. this slow down is risky territory where the mind wants to jump back in, weigh in with opinions and rationale to carry you back to safety where there is no potential for possible judgement, rejection & pain.

but to heal it, to transform it, whatever IT is, we have to feel it. and feel ALL OF IT.

the world has been rejecting the emotional feminine for generations but in so doing we’ve lost connection with the full spectrum, cyclical, intuitive, embodied woman.

feeling opens us to the language of intuition, to that place where we are drawn to something or someone for no reason beyond energetic resonance or kinesthetic felt sense.

the realm of feeling, the energy of the heart, is rhythmic, calling on us to return and reclaim our dynamic dance of alive. when we tap into her-heart-art we start to find our own steady way of riding the waves of emotion. we don’t drown in the energy, instead we follow the direction of what's moving and see where it leads.

feelings are messengers. wise guides, inside.

the risk is we can sometimes get lost in feeling. overwhelmed with sensitivity and vulnerability, old pain and new risks can lead us to cut off from our growth out of fearful habit. we may tend toward depression folding in on ourselves, or constantly contract and react in anger - both ends of the spectrum seeking protection from unwanted pain.

when emotions become unruly it simply means we haven’t tapped their deep meaning, haven’t decoded their message and figured out how to use them as guide toward embodied action.

embodied action. that is where this is leading. but to understand that integrated place of being we also have to explore and understand the moving center, the energetic, kinesthetic response system. our instinctual tendency to contract or expand, to move toward or away.

this is deeper than thought and emotion, this is foundational survival. this is how we inhabit the wild animal of body. this is how we move in response to what is. this is the deep root of our rhythmic cyclical nature.

do you trust your wildness, or have you bought into the belief that you are better tamed and contained?

as a culture we have reinforced a serious disconnection from emotion and body. we think and we think and we think and we think. we go round and around. we suppress our feelings and try to act like everything is okay.

but something inside is nagging. we know there is a problem, a mis-alignment, a call for change. but we’re stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected, unable to move forward and get off the the maddening merry-go-round. every time we deny it the whisper-nagging- knowing-nudge, doing everything we can to contain it, reframe it and push it away, our creative pulse and power drains away with it. and we start to feel C R A Z Y.

:: crazy because what we know in our blood, and bones is different than how we breathe move and connect day to day.

:: crazy because we try again and again and again to address the same problem yet nothing seems to change.

:: crazy because we feel our deep desire and don't even know how to begin.

crazy comes knocking when we have forgotten how to tap in to the presence, power and purpose of our own soul.

crazy is the catalyst.

your system wants off the merry go round. you are ready for radical change. from the roots up. your soul is ready to create the art that only you can create. this life is hungry for your contribution, and you, are hungry for life well lived.

you know your heart and body are aching to birth what you have to give.

so how do we begin?

we tap into embodied wisdom. we learn the language of the subconscious mind. we rewire the beliefs that have your mind stuck & running in circles. we free up the feelings and learn to use them as a compass. we return to the cycles of your instinctual wisdom. and we start to breathe, move, connect, & create from the earth-body-soul.

Seasonal Alchemy is an invitation to do just that.

Tap your creative cycle. Connect to the wisdom of your body. Harnessing your inner power. Realign with cycle and season. Give up the story "it’s all up to me” (or “i’ve gotta do it all” or “be it all”) and reconnect with the bigger cyclical energies guiding you forward with natural embodied ease.

Surrender the resistance. Embrace your essence.

you are woman. you are here to learn. heal. create. the work you do is a contribution of connection, a gift of of service, an offering of love that feeds back into the world.

you cannot be who you know yourself to be, who you came to be, if the stories of not enough, too much, need more, this won’t work, i’m scared (etc. etc. etc.) keep getting in your way.

are you ready to drop the story and embody a new reality?

your life changes when you do. embrace the change. rewrite your story. believe what’s possible. feel what you feel. create from truth. move in alignment with your soul.

Seasonal Alchemy begins on Tuesday, if you are ready to tap into the power of your creative cycle, to identify it, honor it and learn to flow with it, consider this unique and accessible opportunity to experience one on one mentorship and group support.

The following is waiting for you... An intentional kick off Solstice Ritual. Monthly new moon invocation meditations. Monthly full moon release and revitalize rituals. Six alchemical sessions to clear the path, crystallize your presence, and actualize your future.

Plus a few other surprises along the way.

I'm ready, are you? As soon as you say yes to life, life says a whole-hearted yes to YOU.

See you soon dear one.