tapestries of touch

i've always been fascinated with tapestries. with weaving threads of color creating textures and designs. 

when i first saw a loom i was mesmerized, the rhythm and motion of back and forth across colored lines.

like multi colored bodies on a dance floor, my skin brushing against the skin of strangers, the skin of many, the skin of thousands.

self contained, my own textured color weaving through, between, around and back again.
returning to rhythm and finding my way into the artistry of life. this life. my life.
woven of cell and hair and muscle and bone. 

my skin the interface between the inner and outer, the depth and the surface.
awareness ripples through sensations and my lips brush against the taste of everything.
the loom slides back and forth and i see my own hands pulling at the threads. 

the threads of my skirt, the threads of your shirt, the threads of memories, the threads that tangle in knots where my heart holds on to what is impossible to let go.

i remember the feel of soft hands that once held mine. like the loom they wind their way across my skin, weaving love in, sliding fingers behind my ear, tucking stray hairs. other hands gliding over shoulders, down my side, letting me soften. old hands, child hands, man hands, mother hands. teaching me safety by effortlessly loving me from the outside in. soaking in the knowing that i could love and be loved from the inside out.

all my color was welcome. then. and now. 

and i am weaving these threads of remembering everyday, touching lifetimes through textures that remind me of who i used to be. and again i see my hands. wiping tears from stained cheeks. picking things up and putting other things down. holding tight and remembering to let go. softening into the touch of the moment, the loom of life weaving the common thread through it all. spread me out and travel slowly with your fingers across this shield, this map of memories, this lesson plan of body.

i am a tapestry. touch me and feel the textures of every place i've been. listen to me and hear the rhythms that sung me to sleep and woke me again. look at me and see the story of humanity.