taste the world


It is so easy to keep reaching for more, to keep doing, to keep pushing, to keep striving. It is so easy because the noisy momentum of an achievement happy world keeps pushing on us to be more, have more, do more.

But in all this doing we are missing something fundamental. In all this doing we are losing connection with our deeper essence. In all this doing we have become reactive and forgotten how to respond, fresh with presence.

Through yoga there is a doorway, an opening, a space... to practice being with what is, exactly as it is, in this very moment. Through yoga there is the opportunity to discover who we are, how we are... in this moment and the next.

And in this space of discovery we remember that we are SO much bigger than the agenda of go and do, we are the radiant wonder of feel and be. When we pause long enough for a taste of that, we taste the whole magnificent bountiful world.