this moment of now


this morning i sat on a bluff 150 feet above the ocean. the fullish moon was setting in the distance just beyond the mountain range. everything felt so close even though in reality it is unfathomably far away.

i sit on the earth, in the grass. i will start teaching soon. but this moment is quiet. this moment is peace. this moment is breath breathing me. where nothing is needed. nothing is happening.

sun is shining. there is a soft breeze. the ocean rolling rhythms on the rocks below and birds chime in at intervals. this is the kind of live quiet that puts me back in me. that makes me stop everything and drop into the moving musicality of things.

i feel my breath. it fills my lungs and there is more space inside. my eyes stroll across the horizon, green and brown, blue and gold pour in. i let the shapes, the light, the color move toward me. i don't have to go out and get anything. it's all happening to me, through me, and i am letting it in.

i exhale and my shoulders soften. i drop deeper right were i sit. a bird flies by. there is harmony in everything. i am here, palms face up, legs crossed, receiving. the breeze blows the thoughts away while the golden sun kisses my neck. nothing else matters right now, there's no where else to be but here.

i want this. more of this. all of this. so i stretch wider, breathe deeper and say yes. the earth is embracing me. the ocean serenading me. the sky awakening me. iit'a all beauty and mystery and wild divinity.

when the noise falls away and the experience is direct and beauty is received there is nothing else that matters. awe simply takes over. and on my knees. humbled, replenished, realigned.

so simple, yet sometimes so hard. but i will look for this moment of now, again and again and again.