Woman as Tree

I used to draw You
As me
As woman
As tree.
Root intertwined
with rock. Fruit
hanging full and sweet. 
Weaving relationship
through rhythmic felt sense,
divine sight, and naked feet.
Growing deep,
growing deep,
growing deep. 
Long limbed
leaf and bloom
rising to infinity.
Reaching out,
growing wide,
free form
and unafraid
With no need to hide. 
No need to hide.
No need to hide. 
I used to plant You
in me.
As woman.
A rising
Oak. Willow. Evergreen. 
Trusting the vitality
and the Mystery
of our rich fecundity. 
Rooting and rising,
A synergistic unity.
Blooming and releasing
A dance of cyclical eternity.
Allowing and guiding
a much vaster ecology. 
Expanding to the spaces in-between.
I have begun to garden.
Tending You.
In the landscape of me.
We have never been disconnected. 
Never not here, never not we. 
Now i see. 
We are
never ending.
Life giving. 
Forgetting finds its way
to remembering. 
h e a l i n g follows f e e l i n g. 
Here I am. 
you as me as woman as tree,
from the great heart
of the divine Shakti She. 
Blessed be.