you are coming together


ideas are swirling. 
it's a hurricane inside.

archetypes and past lives
vying for their voice to be heard,
their story to be told.

but how do we tell a story of overwhelm
of too much rushing in all at once?
of saying yes again and again and again?
to be a good little girl,
trying to keep up?

forgetting the teaching,
not getting the lesson,
of learning how to let go.
say no.
back away.
turn around.
change direction.

forgetting the compass is inside.
losing track of the fact that I am the guide.

today we talked about choice. 
who is doing the choosing?
what voice is wanting to be heard?

we are in a mental health crisis on this globe. 
so much hurting with holy healing required.

there's the obvious addictions,
the more insidious afflictions. 
then there's the sneaky projections, 
and the inevitable fragmentations. 
and the endless waves of trauma.

oh the aching breaking pain.

for generations
we are coping.
hoping we're not broken.
hiding or exposing,
trying to reveal the real
that we know is somewhere inside.

what does it take to pull the pieces together, 
to remember we know better, 
to live inside the light?

choice is a beginning.
noticing what we are choosing. 
paying attention with all that we are.

there are some convoluted layers
that need a dose of focus,
this is a masters degree on life.

your life.

it's alright.

this is not selfish, 
it's essential.
it's self referential. 
it's completely reverential.

turn the dial form how to wow
to find awe spraying you with rainbow light sprinkles
from the shattered edges of all your many pieces.

but only if you have the courage to look, 
the heart to feel,
the hand to hold,
the willingness to remember.

that you are in a process of coming together.

you are in a process of coming together

you are in a process of coming together.

what will it take to let the clarity of your color pour all the way out?

without a mirror, simply a memory
reaching within instead of without. 
going by feel. coming home.

clear the space to rest into. 
it's time.