Join me for a special mini mentorship series to drop deeper into the foundational principals of Body Talk. Together we'll integrate the teachings as they relate specifically to your body and life.

Group processes are wonderful. Sometimes they alone can kickstart our embodied action to align with what we desire and ignite significant shifts in how we are navigating our lives. I do trust that this journey has begun to do just that. However, I also know that sometimes we need a more directly supportive approach that addresses our own unique experience.

The Integration Mentorship is an opportunity to take Body Talk to the next level in three 1-on-1 sessions where you will be held, witnessed and supported. Together we will transform your challenging growing edges into exciting opportunities to inhabit yourself more confidently, to honor your feelings more completely, and to access the deep well of resources within you so you can affect changes that are meaningful to you and the kind of life you want to lead.  

Sessions are recorded so you have access to the material and process we go through just like in our weekly Body Talk calls. You'll also have your very own access page which will have all your sessions readily accessible & downloadable. 

These calls are an opportunity to address something very specific like:

  • how to navigate feelings and triggers from childhood wounds
  • awakening and trusting your voice
  • using your body as a compass in decision making and connection
  • over all balance in a busy and overwhelming world
  • trusting yourself and your intuition at a deeper level
  • navigating relationship challenges from an embodied place
  • creating meaningful life and work without feeling depleted or  burnt out

These calls are also an opportunity to:

  • be deeply seen, acknowledged and appreciated for who you are
  • be held accountable to what you say you want with simple yet effective practices to engage your desires
  • explore how to bring your unique magic and medicine forward in a way that you are confident and energized about
  • drop deep into the possibility of your most joyous and juicy life and begin to take embodied action toward that vision

If there was ever a time that you were needed in all your embodied grace, wisdom and strength, the time is now. This is a time to return to our body and the wisdom we carry in our wombs, our hearts, our hips, our hands. This is a time to fully feel, deeply heal, and courageously grow so we can step forward with confidence, unafraid of our personal power and unique contribution to the greater whole. It's time to root in to our body wisdom and rise up into a new story for ourselves and the world around us. 

Deep lasting change begins within, but we were not meant to be change makers alone, we need each other. In my own personal journey, the single most effective thing I've done to step more fully into my presence and calling is to work directly with a mentor. I cannot tell you how essential this has been in calling forth the woman I am today. 

You are essential. Your voice is needed, your heart is needed and the wisdom of your body and experience is absolutely necessary as we navigate shifting energies and changing times. Everything you want, for yourself, and for the world, begins with your body. 

 Let's take the conversation even further. 

* Because of the nature of this offer sessions must be used by April 1st 2017.

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