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Your body is your greatest resource and it's time you learned how to harness her power. 
Sign up and join us for a JUICY conversation about body wisdom and how to make this year the year you honor your own voice, trust your inner wisdom, and show up for what you want like you never have before. 

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This is a year of creative action.

to create... to move...
in a way that has impact and meaning,
we need to be sourced from our own center. 

Body... home of the soul.
Body... birthplace of ideas. 
Body... vehicle of infinite potential. 

Your body is a garden of genius. There is SO much nourishment and beauty and truth here just waiting to be harvested and received so that you can live life lit up and turned on, clear about who you are and why you're here, from the inside out. 

It begins with learning to listen. And trusting what we hear. 

If there ever was a call to wake up, to rise, to engage the possible it is NOW

We can't escape the call for change. The our earth needs us, our daughters need us, our communities need us... they need us to come back home to ourselves to reclaim our our power, our presence, our wisdom. So we can move and act and engage with power, presence and fierce love.

This wisdom, this power, this presence, is tucked deep inside where we keep forgetting to look, where we keep being told we shouldn't go, where we keep believing it's too scary-hard-messy-confusing. 

But it's time to dive in. 
The choice is you yours to listen, to feel, to explore, to reveal.
Or, to resist and keep believing the old stories they've sold us.

But what you resist, will persist. 

If you are ready to dive in to a juicy soul centered conversation of BODY, ready to claim your presence, power and wisdom... 


. . . the world needs you, lit up and turned ON . . .

Here's what you'll get from this call:

1. a sacred opening to return to yourself and listen to your body
life is busy, it is so easy to put ourselves on the back burner. this is an opportunity to bring yourself into the moment and love who you find there waiting for you. 

2. three body traps that keep us disconnected from our power
there is a LOT of old programing about our bodies that keeps us from experiencing our full potential and aliveness, let's call em out and clear em out so we can light up and turn on for real. 

3. the two most powerful things you can do in any moment to honor your body and reclaim center
seriously, we have the keys, they are always there, we simply have to remember to use them. this call will help you remember how easy it is to do just that. 

4. a sense that you are NOT alone
the feminine is waking up, women know there is another way. when we come together, we not only see each other, we are able to recognize ourselves and what we're aiming for more clearly. 

This is the beginning of an embodied revolution. Join us, we need you. Our time is now. 

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My name is Tulasi Adeva and I am a somatic therapist, movement facilitator and creative catalyst reconnecting individuals to their vibrant aliveness and innate wholeness. I believe in human brilliance and our natural capacity to learn, heal, create and love. I know that when we come home to ourselves and begin to deeply love and trust our bodies, our lives radically change. This homecoming becomes a revolutionary act, because when we are connected, turned on, and lit up, we have the capacity to powerfully affect the world around us in meaningful ways.