You've got a vision that's ready to take shape.
You've got a skillset and a passion,
and you're ready to serve. 
But, you're overwhelmed by the details. 

...Creating a plan.
...Finding the right words.
...Motivating. Manifesting. Making it work.  

It's enough to make any visionary's head spin and stop big dreamers right in their tracks. 
You just want to make your art, share your heart, do what you came here to do. 

Trust me, I get it. 

I'm a creatrix that's been surrounded by creatives my whole life.
We've got a wild kind of genius that needs to be stoked to stay in the flow.
We want to feed the fire of our passion and serve our heart through our art,
whatever form the current creative call is asking us to share.

We want to do what we do best and not worry about the rest.
To truly do that and succeed, we need a strategist and advocate in our corner,
someone who gets us and celebrates how we work. 
We need support that cheers our projects on
and someone on our team
that knows how to pick up where our genius leaves off.  

Creative Consulting is all about results focused action through strategy and flow.
It's about highlighting your strengths and creating a plan.
It's about bringing your creative project to life and giving it all it needs to survive. 
It's about honoring your gifts and helping you thrive. 

This is a dynamic working relationship to support you in the foundational process
of creating, launching, curating, and sharing
yourself, your vision, your art, your calling
 with the world. 

Everything I offer with Creative Consulting is a blend of what I've taught myself and learned through trial and error in the development of my own business and creative contributions. Combined with my perceptive intuition as an Embodied Alchemist, I truly help you hone in on essence and meaning to move forward with courage, clarity, confidence & energy.





 Rate $177/Ninety min. session

In-depth strategic streamlining sessions are designed to clarify and activate your vision and plan.

Streamlining Sessions are based on what I wish I had when I was first starting out as an entrepreneur. Strategic streamlining is my way of honoring the creative cycle while calling out the blind spots that are inevitable when we are so wrapped up in the passion of our project.

In the age of information, with everyone a supposed insta-expert, it's easy to get lost and overwhelmed, not knowing who to trust or where to turn. I don't claim to be an expert or able make you an instant success, but I will help you put your heart
and your art into the world in a way that honors your creativity and fortifies your foundations so you can grow into a definition of success
that truly serves YOU.

Together we build a focused treasure map for accountability and action, implementing strategies for success based on your strengths. Think feng shui for your vision and mindset combined with actionable nourishment and accountability
to bring it to life. 

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. . . WORD WORK . . .
Rate $111/Hour

Personalized at your service Word Work is customized writing for resumes, copy content, promotional materials, tag lines, and more to articulate your essence and vision in a way that makes you stand out (and stand up a little straighter) confident in all that you are.

 I also offer editing services to
refine your words and make your story/brand/promos POP. 


. . . WEB DESIGN. . .
Rate $155/Hour (3 hour minimum)

Early on in my business I hired a web designer to curate my vision and capture my essence. I paid a ton of money for a site that deeply disappointed and left me paralyzed when it came time to give out my business card. As a result of low cash and a deep need to share my heart authentically I taught myself how to build my own website.

Here we are today, with every last bit of this site constructed by me. 

I create based on aesthetic and feeling. I believe that what we see gives us a sense of what we get. I aim to capture the essence of who a person is or what a business is offering with streamlined accessibility.

Web design work requires a minimum of three hours to hone your vision, articulate the content, and design your living room on the world wide web. Think of it as one part  Streamlining Session to outline intent, branding, and mission and
one part magic where I go behind
the scenes to make your vision
come true. (All sites are built on Squarespace).


Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 9.12.03 PM.png

I've had the the pleasure of creating for and consulting with the following businesses: 

Hunter Gatherer Kauai 
Metamorphose Yoga
Mai Love Designs
Tessa Hope Hasty Art
Island Style Art
Hanalei Bay Bungalow
Trilogy Coffee & Tea

I look forward to working with you too
& bringing your vision to life!