aloha sister... 

You have felt your own magic, seen glimpses of it in wild moments, heard it whispering
to you from the pulse beneath your skin.

I know you have. You're a woman.

And let me just take a moment to define what I mean by magic... this is your innate power, your natural charisma, your feminine genius, your intuitive heart, your knowing, your effortless way of being light and giving love. Magic baby. You couldn't escape it if you tried. 

But maybe like me, despite knowing that it's there, you've felt spell-bound, stuck and unsure about how to bring it forward.


Maybe you've been afraid that you will be harmed, or do harm, if you start to follow this golden thread that has been woven through your whole life, quietly shimmering in hopes of catching your attention.

Maybe you've feared that something is "wrong with you" because you feel different than
the status quo, different than the current cultural pulse, different in your vision for the world, different in the way you long to (or already do) voice your truth,
and different in what you desire.

And let's just be real here,
has not always been treated as a good thing. 

Maybe you haven't know how to respond to the inner longing, nudging you, notifying you that there is so much more to you and your life than what you're tapping into right now. 

Maybe you've felt alone, like no one gets what you're going through or can support you in becoming all you feel called to be. 


I feel you. We are kindred sisters of the magical and creative kind.

We see the world differently. We feel things deeply.

We sense the light within growing brighter and the urgency to clearly call it through. 

But we are not meant to do this work of waking up, plugging in, and turning on alone.
We need others. We need each other. 


Women learn, heal and create through connection, through reflection, through community, through embodied explorations that take us deeper into the heart of who we are. Creative Alchemy begins in the space between us, it is cultivated by what is seen, felt & heard, it is solidified by the embodied sense of magic & clarity that emerges.

It's time to see and be seen.
It's time to reveal the magic you bring.
It's time to let a fresh breeze support you in opening your wings.

I can't wait to help you call forth your dream.


. . . you are . . .

  • a woman with a bold idea, a spark of inspiration, a soul on fire hungry for some solid structure and accountability to move forward. 
  • a woman tired of comparing, doubting, and self denying.  
    a woman ready to reclaim her shine.
  • a woman seeking to know herself more deeply,
    to love her self more completely, and to set her voice free. 
  • a woman ready to return to her body, to re-member, to honor body wisdom, to sync with cycles, sensuality and embodied grace
  • a woman hungry for for her innate wholeness,
    ready to integrate her spiritual seeking.
  • a woman brimming with love and a desire to serve.
  • a woman who is sick of boxing in her brilliance
    who is ready to embrace her deep knowing and give her gifts to the world.
  • a recovering good girl, sick of being shackled by "shoulds," ready to unapologetically follow her inner compass.
  • a rising leader of our time that wants to claim her voice
    and call forth creativity to serve her personal and professional life.
  • a woman ready for the treasure map back to her own magic. 

. . . imagine . . . 

  • Connecting deeply with your inner guidance & body wisdom, everyday. 
  • Walking clearly & confidently toward your deep desires. 
  • Transforming limiting beliefs, fears & self doubts into super-fuel that carries you forward. 
  • Living a life that lights you up & turns you on. 
  • Waking up every day inspired to engage the possible. 
  • Sharing your voice, gifts and heart authentically. 
  • Knowing how to get soul centered & aligned with source, anytime, any place. 
  • Feeling grounded & centered in the face of challenges. 
  • Being tapped in to the creative river flowing through you. 
  • Birthing ideas & inspirations that energize & enliven you. 
  • Living aligned with the seasons & cycles happening within you & around you. 
  • Walking through the world with a treasure map that keeps you on course toward the greater vision for your life. 
  • Engaging relationships & creative partnerships with passion & purpose. 
  • Receiving loving accountability & encouragement to learn who you are, heal what holds you back & create a life that turns you on. 

. . . this is . . . 

holistic. we go all in and look at the eco-system of your life. together we lay the inner groundwork for outer change. we look at all the aspects of who you are and we take into consideration all you feel called to be. 

deep. we clear out the blocks to your brilliance by exploring deeply held body patterns and together we build new resources for inspired transformative change. we take the time to feel, and heal, old traumas and wounds, calling the fragmented parts of ourselves back into wholeness.

inspiring. we stoke your soul fire so you can step into your potential from a place of integrated feminine power. we reawaken your creative capacity by realigning the systems and cultivating the practices that bring your light forward. we have fun reinvigorating your heart, art, & embodied magic! 

This is for you, woman.
And the time is now.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 9.12.03 PM.png

. . . Learn.heal.create. mentorship series . . . 


A single session deep dive to reconnect to body wisdom, realign with your own intuition, and (re)connect to embodied clarity, focus and action.

This immersive ninety minutes can help you get to the bottom of an issue, excavate core answers to nagging questions, dismantle fear blocking deep desires, and ignite clarity for confident, healthy connections. 

If you are seeking a deeper connection to center, source & creativity this session can serve to reignite your divine spark and put you back on the throne of your life.


An illuminating two session immersion into embodied, creative alchemy for those ready for a significant shift. This takes the Embodiment Session to the next level, providing not only the necessary ingredients for transformation, but also drawing the foundational treasure map for practical magic
to actually begin.

You are a creative feminine leader. Your power is within you. Aren't you ready to dismantle the blocks keeping you from spreading your wings fully with confidence and ease? The foundation for long lasting transformation is in the alchemical space of the learn, heal, create model. 


A three month mentorship experience to reconnect to source, learn what you're made of, heal the past, catalyze your creativity, reclaim your power and stand firmly in the present with your heART forward. 

This is the full experience of the learn.heal.create. model where we build your inner resources, heal what's holding you back, and create a path forward that is filled with meaning. This is a deep dive to get lit up and turned on, clear about your next moves, confident in who you are, and inspired to take authentic action. 


. . . why work with me . . .

  • I have a lifetime of experience in creative process.
  • I have over 20 years of study & experience in personal growth, healing & human development. 
  • I am playful & encouraging, supporting your journey through the depths by keeping you centered in your light. 
  • I have a posse of excellent teachers & guides who support me in supporting you. 
  • I will not judge you, your story, or your dreams. Ever. I am here to encourage the creative possibilities that want to come to life through you. 
  • I am a wholehearted advocate for your authentic expression. 
  • I am yoga teacher skilled in tracking body patterns and process. 
  • I am trained in trauma & somatic process & know how to meet and hold deep pain. 
  • I am deeply connected with the cycles of the moon, the seasons, & the power of mama nature. I bring this wisdom into each session to support organic growth and transformation.  
  • I am a student & practitioner of feminine spiritual embodiment. I practice what I teach. 
  • I believe that you can design a life you love & that the tools and resources to do so are closer than you think.  
  • I work & think creatively & I call forth that natural creative channel within you too. 
  • I am a creative alchemist committed to awakening your magic. 

work with me is one part mentorship, one part deep therapeutic process, 
one part psycho-somatic education, one part creative alchemy
and one part treasure mapping.

there's also a sprinkle of magic, a dash of play, and a pinch of mystery
to keep it holistically well rounded.


"Tulasi embodies passion and power. She lives to awaken women to their magic, to reclaim who they are and what they are here to do in this life. This is her calling and she is wildly committed to it. I have the feeling that anyone who is lucky enough to look into her eyes will know exactly that."
 Cherie Healy //