:: Creatively Engaging our Purpose ::


Creative is one of those words that brings up all kinds of associations. We think of artists, dancers, musicians; individuals of extraordinary talent; people with vision and the exceptional discipline to bring it to life. While in one regard this may be so, these associations frequently lead to us believing that we are not like that, that we don't have such creative capacity.  

This belief has dire consequences. 

Without believing in our own creative potential we are cut off from an essential current of life force energy. Without this current of energy we find ourselves stuck in repeating patterns, uninspired projects, dissatisfying jobs, empty or superficial relationships.

Without creative energy we have no fuel for our passions, or our purpose. 

I'm here to tell you that you are creative. You do have a purpose.
And, we need you tapped in to that unique expression of life force energy that
you are here to give. 

We are living in a time of undeniable change.
We are waking up, stretching our wings, courageously engaging the possible.
But change inevitably brings uncertainty,
which shakes up our sense of security,
which tells our brain that maybe we won't survive the shifts,
so we slip back into patterns that we've outgrown,
yet sustain,
because we feel safe with the familiar. 

Creativity calls us to stretch our edges. To take risks. To meet the unknown.
Creativity is an invitation to play, learn, and grow.
Creativity is asking us to pull our passions out of the closet & be bold with our unique brilliance. 

  • Creative Consulting is a motivational mentorship mini-series to harness your passions, hone in on your purpose, outline your plan, and put some vital life force energy into the secret longing of your heart.

  • Creative Consulting is a series of sessions to refine, revise, and realize what you are here to bring to this crazy amazing world. These sessions assess and address mindset and creative blocks, get down with the inner critic, mobilize your motivation, activate your creative genius, and cultivate accountability.

  • Creative Consulting takes your idea/hope/dream from your journal/head/heart and turns it into a tangible, actionable path to your unique creative expression and contribution.

  • Creative Consulting is a treasure map for setting your magic free.

It's time to make your art, share your heart, and do what you came here to do! 

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A brief telling of my story: 

I'm a creatrix that's been surrounded by creatives my whole life.
I've got a wild kind of genius that needs to be stoked to stay in the flow.
It's taken a long time to learn my own rhythm and honor my unique creative expression. 

Growing up creativity was cultivated and supported,
but with a professional artist for a mother and a former professional surfer for a father
I struggled with crippling self doubt.  
Perfectionism paralyzed me.
I was terrified of failure. 

Mentorship with trusted guides and a personal willingness to uncage my calling were the critical components
of finding my voice, trusting it's uniqueness, and slowly building a vision and complimentary plan of action. 

I got messy. I fell and failed forward.
I found my way by getting lost in the process for awhile. 

Slowly the vision that's been with me since I was a girl began to crystalize. 
Step by step my purpose is unfolding and I find myself joyfully engaged in the art of living.
Daily I am designing life consciously with intention. 
And you can too.

W h a t   a r e   y o u   h e r e   t o   c r e a t e ?   
L e t ' s   b e g i n . 

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