How do you want to feel?
In your heart, your body, your life?
When you speak your truth?
When you wake up in the morning?
When you step off the beaten path and into the life of your own choosing?


This question is the beginning of a soulful evolution. Your answer is the beginning of a juicy, vibrant, unfurling of your purpose-full, passion filled life. 

< < < what > > >

The Desire Map is more than a book, it is a catalyst taking you though the process of practically (+soulfully) creating a life you actually want to live, connected to people, experiences and things that you actually want to be connected to.

Our lives should feel GOOD! Seems so obvious right?

The thing is, so many of us aren't living that way. We're fixated on what others think we should do. We're pushing ourselves to meet someone else's expectations. In the process we've lost ourselves. Having a map is essential on the journey back home to ourselves. 

< < < how > > >

There's no denying we live in a changing world. In a noisy world, with countless paths to travel down. Turning down the external and internal noise and listening to the clarity of our own inner compass can prove challenging to say the least. 

The Desire Map offers a soulful infusion that awakens our drive and desire to turn down the noise and turn up the volume on our core desired feelings. It's a powerful reference point bringing us back to what matters most. 

The Desire Map  will help you: your self and your inner guidance.  
...come back home to what matters most, to you. authentic, purposeful and make clear soul centered decisions.  
...put the power to create your life back in your hands. 
...identify what you truly desire in all aspects of your life.  
...take action toward your soul callings and deepest desires. 

< < <  why > > >

When life is missing it's aliveness, when we're disconnected from pleasure and enjoyment,  our energy is asking for a soul centered recharge. Making the leap toward ourselves to offer deep self care & discover true self love can be rife with roadblocks of self resistance and it can be downright overwhelming when trying to navigate it on our own.

Thankfully there is a map and a guide (yup that's me!) to encourage you and celebrate you as you dive all the way in to what's calling you to rise and rock your juicy life. 


If you want...

  • to engage your life with enlivening, inspiring, and juicy energy...
  • to embody your whole self and live how you truly want to feel...
  • to reclaim your voice, live your truth, and be deeply supported in stepping in to your hearts desires...
  • to catalyze a powerful shift in perspective and ignite soulful transformation...
  • to implement a new level of clarity, confidence and personal care into your every day experiences...
  • to connect to others committed to awakening embodied wholeness and juicy living...
  • to grow through dialogue, movement and dynamic group work...
  • to take your vision, experience, and actions to the next level... 
  • to rest into an accessible soulful pause without stressing about time off and a big price tag...

                                                                        ...then this is for you.  

 Live Immersion in Desire

A two day, heart forward, soul centered journey for getting clear on how you truly want to feel in every area of your life. This work leads to embodied choices, empowered action, and sweet soulful resonance that permeates your life. On the surface it's goals with soul, at the core it's diving in to your heart and living aligned with your desires. 

:: Who — 15 bright souls ready to claim their deepest desires

:: When —  December 30th & 31st

:: Where — Metamorphose Yoga Studio, Kauai

:: Includes — Two Juicy Days of Desire Filled Goodness, Revitalizing Refreshments, workshop goodies, and a private FB group to continue the dialogue and depth ignited in our days together.

:: Investment —  $297


space is Limited. 

"What a fabulous experience!"
"You're amazing at what you do, keep doing it!"
"You are inspiring... that was beautiful, fulfilling, soul lifting!"
"Amazing, simply amazing!"
"That was life changing, heartfelt, inspiring and something I want to do over and over."
"You truly are a gift... that was juicy and ahhh-mazing!

Sound divine but the timing just isn't quite aligned for ya just yet? Opt in below and be the first to know when we do it again. 

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