There is NO question we are in a time of unprecedented change.   

In the face of such intensity, countless people I know feel overwhelmed, paralyzed, confused and afraid. Rightfully so. Money and power is trumping the essential needs of the planet and it's people. Water. Soil. Air. Resources. Community. 

SO much is happening at once and it feels impossible to keep up. 

On our own, we can get stuck in our overwhelm, our fears, and our smallness, but TOGETHER we can collaborate, innovate and RISE, creating powerful connections that support the collective awakening. 

As I see it, we NEED each other to navigate what's ahead.


As one of my teachers says, it's up to us to "shock the future rather than endure future shock."

I personally see activism as the inner work we do and how that ripples out into outer expression. And, I know there is a call to take it further, to link arms and grow what we can do together.

Embodied Action is a vision of blending consciousness, embodiment and action as a way to move forward every day from a place of CONNECTION and SHARED HUMANITY. 

Anyone who has tried to create change in their lives knows that Embodiment is the hardest. It is easy to know something, to learn and understand. It's even easy to be inspired in an age of connection. But to live our knowing and bring our inspiration forward into form- that takes commitment, awareness and presence.

I have faith that we can and will bring about positive change, together. 

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why did i create this . . .

If there ever was a call to wake up, to rise, to engage the possible it is NOW, and blending, spirituality, embodiment and action feels like the clearest compass moving forward. Our earth needs us, our communities need us, our fellow brothers and sisters need us. We can not create the future we seek on our own, we're far better when we connect and create together.