Welcome to EMBODIED Alchemy!


 We are living in a potent time of imagination and creation, equally so we are facing a lot of pain and destruction. This contrast is present to catalyze our awakening and call forth our unique path of creative healing and contribution.

We are still contending with massive patriarchal conditioning telling us to go it alone, push harder, do more, compete for resources, and build success based on models of past programming. And we know something is missing. We can feel our curiosity rising, our intuition deepening, our ideas expanding and our soul speaking.

There is another way forward that is emerging through US.
Through our blood, breath and bones.
Through our heart and art and soul. 

Embodied Alchemy is a mentorship series designed to (re)align you with YOU and bring what only you can, forward.

It is a sacred container to honor wholeness.
A space for you to fully and completely be you.
Together we celebrate & energize all you're here to be, know, feel, have & do.
We draw the map aligned with your north star.
We cultivate and call upon the wisdom of your body.
Breathe in breathe out, here we in-habit the self fully.
We give generous space & loving attention to the aspects of your self & story that need deep healing.
We tend to the trauma and gather your tears.
We in-power you to identify, clarify and actualize your deep, soulful creative capacity.
It's time to remember the divine spark that you are. 

Embodied Alchemy brings you home, plugs you in, and turns you on

Old therapeutic models are upgrading to align with the quickening nature of our human awakening. Embodied Alchemy puts you back in your body, calls out your creativity, and teaches you to trust your own wisdom, so you can take a stand for yourself, your life, and all that ignites your soul. Here we call forth the power and presence necessary to wield change with courage and grace. As we journey together I hold a deep root of connection that stabilizes the alchemical work with energy, presence, and possibility.

This immersive mentorship weaves together all of my medicine & magic
to serve your embodied (re)claimation of your own. 

Embodied alchemical shifts have led to clarity of purpose, fulfilling partnerships, deep and steady resources to face life's challenges, an inspired sense of joy, comfort and confidence in ones own skin, a vital reconnection to embodied Truth that shapes all choices from here forward, and a deep reconnection to your own feminine genius- the Her (Mother Creatrix, Divine Shakti She, Insert your favorite name for the cosmic force of the Feminine here) pulsing beneath your skin.  

There is nothing like the creative power of a woman unleashed.
It's time to see and be seen.
It's time to reveal the magic you bring.
It's time to let a fresh breeze support you in opening your wings.

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I found Tulasi by divine guidance and with her infinite presence and intuition I was able to be vulnerable. I was heard, held in grace, and held accountable for my vision. IT MEANT EVERYTHING TO ME! After our sessions I would feel more connected to myself and congruent with my purpose. This was the first time in my life that I felt connected to my divine feminine.Investing in your feminine wisdom is a MUST. I feel more like myself than I ever have. Everything is different. My relationships shifted in powerful ways., I recently graduated and got my dream job. I'm loving life and living full of joy - something I did not know was even possible!  Loren // Creative Alchemy Client

EMBODIED alchemy includes:


. . . TAKING FLIGHT . . .

An in-depth inquiry sets us up for a soulful launch into sacred space, emphasizing your intentions & desires. 
We align, embody, and express to begin the journey of transformation. 


. . . CONNECTION . . .

You're welcome to email me between sessions to share your insights, to work through unexpected challenges, or integrate your home play practices. 

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Twice monthly calls via zoom or in person to deep dive, alchemize and synergize. Each session is customized for exactly where you are in your alchemical process of (re)learning, healing, and creating. 

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. . . IN-SIGHT . . .

Twice monthly rituals, reflections, or recordings to honor the creative cycling of the moon & use Her wisdom to propel your Alchemical practice & process. 

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. . . SANCTUARY . . .

Password protected portal to access all materials relevant to your alchemical process. Invaluable resource to revisit your own words and essence again, well after a session concluded. 

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Total Value Over $3,497


Flexible Payment Plans Available Upon Request. 


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Instantly I got the feeling of trust and safety.  Since working with Tulasi I now know that in order to be able to stay present in my life, this world, I need to express myself - in the arts, dancing, singing, or expressing myself to others, saying what I need, what I long for, what I feel, asking for help when I need it- this is the key to presence, to feel whole and connected, to myself and life. I would advise all women out there that feel this necessity, to address deep issues, to find their expression, to go ahead, you will be supported in ways you would never expect. This experience has been so rich, so full of quality and love. I see Tulasi as my mentor and teacher, for life. 
Jubine Nujemer  // discoveryourbrightness.nl


  • Help you connect deeply with your inner guidance & body wisdom, everyday. 
  • Enable you to walk clearly & confidently toward your deep desires. 
  • Transform limiting beliefs, fears & self doubts into super-fuel that carries you forward. 
  • Support you in living a life that lights you up & turns you on. 
  • Revitalize your capacity to wake up every day inspired to engage the possible. 
  • Encourage you to share your voice, gifts and heart authentically. 
  • Develop your knowing by teaching you how to get soul centered & aligned with source, anytime, any place. 
  • Help you feel grounded & centered in the face of challenges. 
  • Tap you in to the creative river flowing through you. 
  • Midwife ideas & inspirations that energize & enliven you. 
  • Align you with the seasons & cycles happening within you & around you. 
  • Give you a personally designed treasure map that keeps you on course toward the greater vision for your life. 
  • Awaken and engage relationships & creative partnerships with passion & purpose. 
  • To give you loving accountability & encouragement to learn who you are, heal what holds you back & create a life that turns you on. 

. . . you are . . .

a woman with a bold idea, a spark of inspiration,
a soul on fire hungry for some solid structure and accountability to move forward. 

a woman tired of comparing, doubting, and self denying.
a woman ready to reclaim her shine.

a woman seeking to know herself more deeply,
to love her self more completely, and to set her voice free. 

a woman ready to return to her body, to re-member,
to honor body wisdom,
to sync with cycles, sensuality and embodied grace

a woman hungry for for her innate wholeness,
ready to integrate her spiritual seeking.

a woman brimming with love
and a desire to serve

a woman who is sick of boxing in her brilliance
who is ready to embrace her deep knowing and give her gifts to the world.

a recovering good girl, sick of being shackled by "shoulds," 
ready to unapologetically follow her inner compass.

a rising leader of our time
that wants to claim her voice and call forth creativity
to serve her personal and professional life.

a woman ready for the treasure map
back to her own magic. 


. . . why work with me . . .

  • I have a lifetime of experience in creative process.
  • I have over 20 years of study & experience in personal growth, healing & human development. 
  • I am playful & encouraging, supporting your journey through the depths by keeping you centered in your light. 
  • I have a posse of excellent teachers & guides who support me in supporting you. 
  • I will not judge you, your story, or your dreams. Ever. I am here to encourage the creative possibilities that want to come to life through you. 
  • I am a wholehearted advocate for your authentic expression. 
  • I am yoga teacher & somatic therapist skilled in tracking body patterns and process. 
  • I am trained in trauma & somatic process & know how to meet and hold deep pain. 
  • I am deeply connected with the cycles of the moon, the seasons, & the power of mama nature. I bring this wisdom into each session to support organic growth and transformation.  
  • I am a student & practitioner of feminine spiritual embodiment. I practice what I teach. 
  • I believe that you can design a life you love & that the tools and resources to do so are closer than you think.  
  • I work & think creatively & I call forth that natural creative channel within you too. 
  • I am a creative alchemist committed to awakening your magic. 

work with me is one part mentorship, one part deep therapeutic process, 
one part psycho-somatic education, one part creative alchemy
and one part treasure mapping.

there's also a sprinkle of magic, a dash of play, and a pinch of mystery
to keep it holistically well rounded.


"Tulasi embodies passion and power. She lives to awaken women to their magic, to reclaim who they are and what they are here to do in this life. This is her calling and she is wildly committed to it. I have the feeling that anyone who is lucky enough to look into her eyes will know exactly that."
 Cherie Healy // cheriehealy.com

* Feminine Genius is a term coined by my mentor Liyana Silver, author of a book by the same name.