Embodied Awakening 

embodied women are not perfect.
we stumble and fall, and have bad days.
we fall on our face and feel like we've maybe fucked things up.
we cry. we bleed. sometimes, we even yell. 

but, in the messy unfolding of life
we’ve found a treasure map,
a map that guides us Home.
again and again and again.
and we’ve learned that Home,
is not out there
in some pretty picture perfect reality,
it is here, inside our very own skin.

we have shed the too tight clothes,
cleared the shelves of plastic food,
and shattered one by one
the false stories they have told us
about who we are and who we are allowed to be.

embodied women are devoted to the Truth,
and are committed to coming back to the Real.

embodied woman are open to
and answering the call of the wild soul.

embodied women are sensual and centered,
moving rhythmically to the great drum of the earth and heart.

embodied women listen to their desires
and honor the longing that ignites inspired action.

embodied women feel GOOD in their own skin, 
walking into life with confidence and ease. 

embodied women know that they are here to shine and share. 
and that this body, 
filled with pleasure & presence
is how we make waves in a soul parched world.

instead of bowing in submission
to our judgements, fears and doubts,
we follow the map and spiral deeper in. 

instead of subscribing yet again
to habitual cultural prescriptions
that only serve to keep us sick and small,
we enter the most sacred temple, 
the rich space of body where wholeness and soulfulness live.

...and you sister, 
you are here because something is calling you.
you feel the nudge,
you know that whisper beneath your skin. 
the relentless one,
the one that refuses to go away
no matter how many times you turn the volume down. 
the one that frightens and excites
all at the same time.

you may try to turn away, 
numb out, 
self distract, 
you may feel afraid of what’s asked of you
or what’s waiting on the other side.

but you cannot silence the call.

the divine Shakti She is calling you Home.
calling you back to soul and center.
calling you back to breath, blood and bone.
calling you to re-member
the brilliant beautiful being that you are.

and She is trusting you to answer.
Because She is where your power lives, 
where your voice is set free, 
and where your inspiration ignites.

She is where the sacred comes alive in your everyday reality. 

and She is waiting for you.

knocking with Her wise & steady rhythm, 
She is asking you
to Learn, Heal & Create.
to Connect, Feel & Reveal.
to Align, Embody & Express.

to return to your senses and honor your soul.

She is asking you to reclaim your incredible body of wisdom.
She is ready for you to come Home.

sometimes you may feel crazy. 
like it makes no sense
like life would be fine, or maybe even better,
if the nudging and the longing
would just go away.

but it won't until you listen.
it won't until you heed the call
and follow the map
that is leading you back
to embodied presence.
leading you back
to that place where
your magic
and power
lies waiting.
it won’t until you enter the temple
and reengage the sacred in your every cell.

the time is now. 
you know it because you feel it.

the time is now.
because the world is sick and suffering
and desperately in need
of women who are lit up, turned on and connected.
like never before.

the time is now.
because you're ready, 
the support is here, 
and the treasure map is waiting.

your feminine body is reawakening,
are you ready?

everything you want begins here...
let's enter the temple




Navigating through life in a woman's body is no easy feat in the modern world.
We are living in the age of information which, as great as it may be to have access to so many ideas, studies and opinions, is overwhelming our bodies and minds with external noise. That noise is filled with immeasurable pressure and ideas about how, or who, or what we (you or I) "should" be. That noise is zapping our energy, stealing our clarity and costing us the power to intuitively decide what's right for us and actually thrive as women plugged in to source and center. 

And the biggest problem is, we've dutifully subscribed to the noise. 

We stopped listening to the wisdom within and started internalized voices that weren't our own.
We let the noise "out there" become the authority on who we actually are and who we are meant to be. We suffer the consequences of inner conflict, self doubt and discontent. We fail to step into our callings, honor our real gifts and share our heART, ultimately costing our families, communities and planet the creativity and healing it so desperately needs. 

They say: 
Look good.
Act like a lady.
Don't be a bitch.
But don't be too nice.
Be sexy.
But not too sexy.
Don't be too loud.
Be polite. 
Don't be too crazy or passionate or wild. 
Be reasonable. 
Play nice. 
Keep your legs crossed.
Follow the rules.
This is how you get a man,
a job,
a "successful" life.

Inside you hear:
Am I enough?
Am I too much?
I want to feel good, but am I worthy?
I'm hungry for more, but what is that exactly? 

I feel all these feelings, am I crazy?
I keep going round and round in circles, are "they" right?

I feel like I'm here for a reason, do I have what it takes to bring it to life?
Am I courageous enough to go my own way?

Between the noise out there and the self doubt inside it's no wonder women feel overwhelmed, burnt out and disconnected as they strive to keep up. 

I haven't yet met a woman who hasn't navigated the territory of negotiating her enough-ness or her (too) much-ness. We're so sure we are deficient in some way, and are equally terrified of our full range and capacity, that we spend our money, time and energy wrapped up in trying to "fix" and moderate ourselves.

But you, we, the women of the world, aren't the problem to be fixed,
we are a great garden longing to be nourished and cultivated.
And in so doing, we...
revitalize ourselves,
 fortify our families, 
heal our communities, 
feed a sick culture, 
and deeply nourish a suffering world.

Awake. Embodied. Women. 
We are the answer. 

Embodied Awakening is about listening in to the subtle, yet substantial, wisdom waiting for our attention. It is about honoring our own deep impulses and natural rhythms. It is about responding to old wounds with nourishment and tenderness. It is about remembering the power of our own presence and the extraordinary vitality that lives within. It is about listening deep beneath the surface layers of our life, into the core of who we are so we can activate & actualize our potential. 

We are a culture that has been uprooted from our source. We've been disconnected from the rich wisdom of BODY. We've been separated from our deep relationship to spirit- the spirit that beats our hearts and breathes our lungs and moves our limbs.
And it's time to come back home to soul, center and source.

If you have ever walked through a day in your life thinking, "there is so much more to me, to life, than this." You're right. Your inner compass has been guiding you to turn the feminine wisdom on high so that your dynamic embodied presence is far stronger than all the noise out there combined.

Embodied Awakening is the way back home.

This is a foundational, transformative course for any woman wanting to access and (re)awaken her inner authority and turn on the power of her presence. Here we celebrate your is-ness, your unique voice, your authentic expression, your beautiful amazing body and all the wisdom it holds.
 This course connects you to life long resources that will feed your courage and clarity so you can begin making meaningful choices, and take empowered action from a place of authentic personal truth. 

It's time to inhabit ourselves fully and express our truth freely.
Waking women are here to elevate themselves and the world.  
Are you ready to enter the temple & cultivate the sanctuary of YOU?



"This course with Tulasi is so amazing!! I feel I now own my energetic impact in the world. I feel strong and grounded and ready. I am aware of what I feel inside my body in a way I never have before and this is everything! This is where my power lives. If you are considering participating in Embodied Awakening, do it without hesitation, you and your life will improve and become lighter!!!!"
- Laura


embodied awakening


1 - enter the temple.png

calling in source. 
creating sacred space. 
exploring the bridges between "inner" and "outer."
functional feng shui.
foundational focus.  
the ritual of beginnings. 


2 - cycle syncing.png

breath. blood. season. creativity.
we are circular, cyclical, spiraling waves. this is feminine power.
we are powerful. 
it's time to realign with the cycles that shape our lives and learn how to harness our power everyday. 


3 - finding flow.png

understanding cycles leads to feeling our own natural rhythms & finding a sense of flow. movement is transformative, here we explore the ways we change through the body. 
goal oriented vs. experience oriented. impulse & intuition. 
accessing optimal states.


4 - making contact 2.png

sensational living is a gateway
to full spectrum presence.
awakening the 6 senses.
exploring boundaries. 
sensuality vs. sexuality. 
energy & connection. 


5 - open to receive.png

identifying, allowing and absorbing deep nourishment. 
clarifying and articulating wants, needs & desires. 
radical self care. 
activating your receiver. 


6 - the power to feel.png

reclaiming inner wisdom.
healing through feeling. 
traversing trauma safely. 
self regulation. self trust. 
vulnerability & power. 
divine guidance as inner compass. 


7 - inhabit yourself.png

stepping in to feminine power. 
the anatomy of pleasure.
embodied sensuality & sexuality. 
healing sexual shame. 
sacred sexual practices. 


8 - reveal the creatrix 2.png

identify your gifts. 
own your truth. 
walk with confidence. 
acknowledge your creative capacity. 
know your "why." 



9 - honor the sacred.png

appreciating & celebrating. 
the art of living an embodied life. 
soul + body + community + environment + earth + life.
every part of you is holy.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.41.11 PM.png

"This course offers a sacred and safe space to connect with body wisdom. Tulasi shares great insight and tools for connecting with your temple body, encouraging you along the way exactly where you're at. This course has shifted the way I carry myself and helped me to feel into my feminine nature and express and explore with openness.  I feel more grounded, present and empowered in being who I came here to be." 
- Natashia


Bonus contributions from wise & inspired experts


Kim Keller // Tantrica & Sex Educator
Kim's vivaciousness and embodied wisdom is magnetic. A potent teacher of the embodied feminine, she brings a deep understanding of our conditioning around intimacy and relationships into open exploration and dialogue in a safe and nourishing way. Her extensive experience in Intimacy and Sex Coaching for Women, Men and Couples, has revealed the pervasive cultural blocks, deep shame, and downright abuse of our sensual/sexual selves. She is committed to shifting this by supporting others in finding more joy, vitality, healing and bliss through the portal of Sacred Sexuality and Self-Love. 


Tish Steenkamp // Cyclical Wisdom Mentor & Retreat Facilitator
Tish is a torch bearer, hand holder, and light leader for women reawakening to the power of their own bodies. She inspires women to reframe the old ways of thinking and communicating about our menstrual cycle inviting sacred realignment with the potency of the feminine flow. A certified MoonMother, Tish guides woman to live, grow and work in harmony with authentic femininity, amplifying women's ability to reclaim the sacred and take action in celebration of feminine energy rather than in denial of it. She blends a wealth of healing modalities into empowering and transformative retreat experiences for women worldwide. An awakener of the bliss body and a leader in emerging feminine consciousness she brings her gifts forward to help women transcend blocks, balance energy and activate a healthy mind, body spirit relationship.


India Dania // Mythic Sister & Ritual Movement Guide
India Dania is a wild woman, dancer, priestess, and creatress who resides on the Pacific Northwest shores of Vancouver, BC. She owns and operates Mythic Sister, a nomadic women's studio, and facilitates a diverse range of Ritual Movement Medicine and Healing Arts. Through her work, she guides women to reclaim their body, power, truth, sensuality, and wild selves, unapologetically. With over 15 years of formal dance training, a BFA in Contemporary Dance, an E-RYT200 yoga certification, international experience as teacher and teacher trainer, and as a Reiki Level 1 & 2 practitioner,  India holds a dynamic wealth of body wisdom. She brings together these extensive studies and leadership experiences in dance, yoga, fitness, metaphysics, the feminine mysteries, and social justice to create her signature approach to expansive, sensual, and conscious embodiment for women. To be embodied is not to transcend the body for awakening, but rather to go deeper into it.


Allison Hodge // Herbalist & Functional Nutritionist
Allison is a certified herbalist and functional nutritionist who brings years of experience in integrating holistic modalities such as nutrition, herbalism, functional medicine research, reiki and yoga. Her practice and experience came from her very own challenging health issues that resulted in chronic eczema, heavy metal toxicity and adrenal fatigue. Determined to get resolution, she devoted her time to studying functional medicine and herbs while receiving certifications as a Western Herbalist from California School of Herbal Studies, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner and is currently receiving a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. She works privately with clients in understanding and resolving chronic health issues, leads biannual cleanses for self nourishment and is the creator of an all natural botanical skincare line, Kaliks Collective




Embodied Awakening is an entirely virtual course designed to support you in coming home to yourself through weekly "temple sessions," written materials and explorations, and an online group forum. In addition you will receive videos and audios to supplement the weekly themes. This format allows you to participate and simultaneously sustain your full and dynamic life.

embodied awakening includes:

  • interactive calls with me every week. 
    this isn't pre-recorded. this is you and me and all the women that gather, circling in and diving deep into dynamic explorations and conversations about the power of body wisdom and what it means to hear and honor the call of waking up. you can participate live on our weekly calls or listen to the recording later. 
  • bonus contributions from wise & inspired experts
    i am one woman, one body, but the there is a collective wisdom of embodied awakening that is invaluable for us to tap into. as such i have gathered a few dear friends and colleagues to bring you the best of the best from their realm of experience and expertise. these women's bonus contributions may be woven into the live calls or included as pre-recorded sessions for you to listen to or view in the course of our series. 
  • weekly practices.
    practice is what creates change, these practices help you live in the experience of Embodied Awakening instead of just thinking or talking about it. these practices exercise your awareness, cultivate wakefulness, incite new healthy body habits and keep you in embodied action between calls.
  • a private online temple space
    we'll use a private facebook group for connection, support and accountability for the course of Embodied Awakening and beyond.
  • interactive check in's
    a weekly time to ask me your burning questions and get direct mentorship and support.
  • an embodied awakening sanctuary 
    all recordings & practices, plus bonus inspirational material to support you on your journey will live on a password protected course page for you to return to as often as you like.
  • loving accountability
    you'll have the opportunity to be paired with a partner to deepen your exploration and connection with the material.
  • a special offer on one on one work
    you'll have an opportunity to work with me personally for integration and elevation at a special discounted rate. 

embodied awakening IS FOR YOU IF:

  • you know something in your life needs to change 
  • you feel a calling or a longing but feel unsure or afraid about the next right steps  
  • you are tired of the negative self talk eating at you from the inside
  • you no longer want to feel held back in life
  • you're ready to truly deeply trust yourself, to acknowledge your gifts, and to share your self in the world with authenticity and ease 
  • you want a personal treasure map to feeling confident, clear and connected in your own skin that you can return to again and again 
  • you're hungry for connection and you learn and grow best with the encouragement of a supportive group  
  • you want to be celebrated for who you are
  • deep down you know that falling in love with your self and your life would make this one wild and precious life a LOT more fun

embodied awakening leads you to:

  • feel radiant confidence in who you are
  • experience the juiciness of living life authentically
  • drop the too young, too old, too much, not enough or any other story that limits your unique connection and expression of embodiment
  • move toward your desires with clarity and ease
  • knowing how you want to feel and how to access that feeling everyday
  • accessing your inner wisdom with ease
  • feel less dependent on the approval of others and clearer on what matters most to you
  • stop undermining yourself and limiting the wisdom of your body
  • stop denying the gifts you bring and start honoring them instead
  • a remarkable tribe of women to lean on and grow with


"I wanted to feel connected and clarify my purpose. These weeks together were so inspiring. I felt a sense of confirmation in the path I have been walking and I felt a deep sense of clarity about where I am going next. I'm so clear, my life has taken an AMAZING turn! This experience was so inspiring, do it if you get the chance." 

-  Cayenne // cayenneanela.com



QUESTIONS & answers

  • What's the investment?
    The total cost of the nine session series is $497 when paid in full.
    If you'd like to opt for a payment plan, the investment is three payments of $197.
    If you would like to enroll with a friend as a practice partner and accountability buddy, you will each get 40% at check out making the cost of the program $299 for each of you (score!).  
  • Are there any scholarship options?
    Because I know what it's like to feel called to participate in something and not have the funds to make it happen I've allotted a limited number of scholarship seats. These will be processed and awarded based on need. I trust that you will assess yourself and your economic realities honestly, thoughtfully, and with integrity. Click here to learn more. 
  • What's the schedule? 
    Monday's 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, at 3pm HST, 5pm PST, 8pm EST.
    Monday's 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11 at 2pm HST, 5pm PST, 8pm EST.
  • Can I get recordings if I can't attend the calls live?
    You will have access to a resource page that will have all recordings and additional support materials in one place. 
  • How much time will this course take?
    This is subjective and depends on how you feel called to participate.  We will have one 75 minute call per week with an additional 30 minutes for Q&A. There will be weekly play sheets and practices to explore the themes of the week which you can dive into in a timeframe that works for you. Just know that the more you participate and engage the practices the more you will get out of the program and the more vital and embodied you will become. 
  • Will online learning work for me? 
    Only you can really determine if this format will work for you. However, here are a few things to keep in mind:  The course combines live calls, recorded audio and video, written materials, worksheets and exercises to support your learning. The variety of formats means you’ll be able to digest and integrate the material in ways that work for you.

    You’ll also be able to connect with like-minded women from all over the world, learn/participate in a way that works with your schedule, and you have easy access to course materials for the duration of the program and beyond.

    * I highly recommend scheduling session times in on your calendar and prioritizing being on the calls live as this helps your commitment and elevates the dynamic experience of the entire group.  
  • I'm just not sure...
    Check in with your body: How do you physically feel when you consider registering? Good & excited? Nervous? Scary/exhilarating? Light/heavy? All of these are clues. 

    Notice what part of you is hesitant: Is it the part of you that knows? Listen up. Is it your inner critic or the voice of fear? Not good voices to listen to. Question what they are saying. Especially question any voices telling you that you somehow don’t measure up to being in this group, that you won’t be able to “do it right,” or that the time to do this has to be "just right."

    Explore: Is there a particular fear or worry you have? If so, write it down and examine it.

    Ask yourself: If you knew you couldn’t fail & that you’d fit in beautifully with this group — what would you do?

    Reflect: What has your journey of embodiment and awakening been like? What are you hoping to gain?

    Still not sure? send me an email here and let's discuss. 
  • What if I sign up and change my mind? 
    Please take the time to find and feel your yes before joining us. Refunds will only be issued in unique and compelling circumstances, and only up to 10/16 thus I encourage you to sign up from a place of clarity of intent and commitment to the experience.

    Also please keep in mind, the course materials are yours to use and apply beyond the timeline of our live classes, and the short, focused nature of the program invites a high completion rate. 


"Having completed this program I feel much more connected to possibility, like I've come to a completion of some part of my life cycle where I was not yet ready to really be sovereign in my experience. Now I feel a grounded quality and a sense of empowerment I couldn't quite get to before. Ahead of me I see infinite potential and the ability to receive and to discern, while moving away from drama and into personal power. I feel empowered & embodied and much freer and more grateful than before.
Thank you." 

- Linda


WHY this matters... 


My name is Tulasi Adeva and I am a somatic therapist, movement facilitator and creative alchemist reconnecting individuals to their vibrant aliveness and innate wholeness. I believe in human brilliance and our natural capacity to learn, heal, create and love. I know that when we come home to ourselves and begin to deeply love and trust our bodies, our lives radically change. This homecoming becomes a revolutionary act, because when we are connected, turned on, and lit up, we have the capacity to powerfully affect the world around us in meaningful ways.

 I wholeheartedly invite you to join me for Embodied Awakening because we need your brilliance confidently shining in the world.  The body and its wisdom is a constant source of inspiration, appreciation, awe and wonder for me, it is my great passion to study and explore it and support others in remembering what a powerful vessel they are walking around in everyday. I believe it is essential that we learn to speak the language of sensation and remember the fundamentals of breath, movement, touch, feeling and expression as foundational keys for gracefully navigating a turbulent world. This course is lovingly infused with over 20 years of study in yoga, human behavior, somatic psychology, earth-based wisdom, creativity, and feminine embodiment as spiritual practice, along with my overflowing joy and enthusiasm for this dynamic exploration of our aliveness.

Join me and watch your body, mind and world transform. 



"This was unlike any program I have ever taken. Tulasi's grounding presence and easy way of being made me feel completely supported and engaged." - Sarah

"Thank you for a deeply profound experience and a new level of appreciation and presence in my body." - Christine