What do we actually do together?

Therapeutic Mentorship is an opportunity to awaken and access your innate wisdom and navigate through the old patterns and challenging aspects of your life from a newly resourced place. Together we mindfully dive deep into what’s blocking you so we can gracefully move it aside and create a new pathway to an embodied sense of joy, creativity and freedom. We use our time to build body-based resources that enhance self awareness, cultivate confidence, deepen self love and foster authentic self expression. 

Sessions are guided by the original intent set at the beginning of our journey together and often include guided meditations, self exploration practices, movement, breath work, and expressive art techniques. Each session aims to alleviate suffering and move toward embodied experiences of how you want to feel in all aspects of your life.

Clients are met where they are and given options for stretching their edges for personal growth in a way that is organic and supported. Clients are held accountable to the intentions they set at the outset, however pacing is adapted and appropriate to individuals trauma history and natural rhythm.  

Who is this work for?

I specialize in work with women, offering a feminine based approach to leadership and empowerment through embodied self awareness.

From young adults to mature women, I offer services that support individuals caught in a place of overwhelm, confusion or frustration about the circumstances in their lives.

I work with those navigating transition, looking to define their purpose or realign with their purpose after a major life shift.

I support those healing old wounds and past traumas, reclaiming their self esteem and learning deeper levels of self love.

I particularly love working with those individuals inspired to create authentic, connected, juicy lives they love. 

What are some of the issues your clients face?

  • Self Esteem
  • Self Motivation
  • Life Purpose
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self Sabotage
  • Avoidance
  • Organization
  • Inspiration
  • Communication
  • Trauma
  • Self Love
  • Strategies for Success
  • Relationships
  • Self Awareness
  • Transitions
  • Confidence
  • Sensuality
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Self Expression
  • Self Worth
  • Balance

Who does this work best for?

One on one sessions are for individuals who are passionate, creative, and called to live their purpose with authenticity and greater self-love. This is for those who need some encouragement, accountability and new resources for taking life to the next level. This is also perfect for those who are longing to find their creativity, passion, confidence, & purpose, and align with it.

If you have an idea of where you want to go but feel stuck, this work is for you. If you are not sure where you are going but you long for something better for yourself, this work is also, for you.

This works best for individuals who are committed to their self discovery and personal growth ready for real and lasting change. Results come from taking the journey seriously, with consistency in practice and action along the way. If you are willing to take an engaged approach and want to be an active participant in your own transformation, this adventure is for you.

Is there anyone this doesn't work for?

Individuals who consistently make excuses, challenge every aspect of the program, or don’t show up for sessions won’t get the results they are seeking. Resistance is a normal part of the process, however if there is so much resistance that negativity and apathy dominate, it might not be the right time or we may not be the right fit. Trust your guts, if it feels right it probably is and vice-versa.

How does it work?

One part magic, one part intention, two parts hard work, two parts commitment, one part practice, and one part resource rich support = transformation. 

Although some of the above does in fact apply, the creative alchemy of transformation is actually unique to each of us. The process is not linear, it's circular, cyclical. It honors divine feminine wisdom through intuition and creativity while simultaneously is supported by the divine masculine wisdom of deep presence and reflection.

What is actually happening in the container of Therapeutic Mentorship is some big love, deep seeing, and soul remebering of YOU and all that you carry. Together we connect, learn, heal and ultimately weave a wider container for your own mystery and magnificence to authentically shine through, and positively impact the world.

 Our work spirals through some of the elements below based on where you are in your life and what is needed to deepen connection, support your healing, inspire your learning and invite your soulful creativity awake, but this by no means is a comprehensive list of what might happen.

  • tending the roots: grounding & intentions
  • cultivating space: assessing the resources & challenges
  • waking body wisdom: the somatic wave of expansion & contraction  
  • creating & relating: engaging meaning & connection
  • experiencing personal power: standing in your truth reclaiming choice & action
  • opening the heart: loving what is
  • authentic self-expression: accessing & revealing the voice
  • trusting the self: intuition & integration
  • playing with magic: stepping into possibilities
  • taking flight: acknowledgement & celebration

What can I expect?

  • Get crystal clear on what you want, how you want to feel, and how to begin to meet those desires within yourself and actualize them in the world.
  • Set realistic & workable soul directed goals. 
  • Cultivate and work with your own intuition.
  • Discover what supports you and what holds you back.
  • Experience joy in, and gratitude for, your body.
  • Celebrate your unique path and the gift of its teachings.
  • Heal past traumas, fears and wounds.
  • Learn body based resources for stress management.
  • Cultivate mind body balance.
  • Have more clarity and compassion for yourself and the circumstances of your life.
  • Have a clear action plan for sustainable self care and embodied action toward your goals.
  • Put yourself back on your own ‘to do’ list.
  • Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself.
  • Learn proven techniques for releasing internal resistance & self sabotaging tendencies so you can take action and start living passionately, powerfully & purposefully.

Do you have specific programs?

Yes, currently there are two options for Therapeutic Mentorship.

Chaos to Clarity - Feng Shui for your mind, body and personal space. Get clear. Reconnect to your center. This is an introductory activation in aligning with your purpose, initiating breakthroughs, and awakening your deep inner wisdom. Here we lay the foundation for living how you want to feel. Through a  ‘deep clean’ of what is no longer serving and by remembering your unique magic and authentic nature, we create an intentional, resource rich, road map for where you want to go.  

This is a two month exploration that includes 6 one hour recorded sessions, unlimited email access, guided meditations and additional resources on your very own password protected resource page. 

Design Your Life - Break through old patterns. Clean up the past. Create a new vision of reality. We define the chaos present in your life and begin laying the foundation for new patterns to emerge. We go deep. We reclaim body wisdom. We call forward the creatrix in you, the wise one who is ready to design and live a life you love. Together we cultivate resource rich road maps for authentic connection and self expression in your everyday life.  This program creates deep sustainable roots in embodied practices that cultivate a life that feels good from the inside out. 

This is a four month transformation that includes 12 one hour recorded sessions, unlimited email access, guided meditations and additional resources on your very own password protected resource page. 

How do I choose the right program?

Great question. We get on a call and connect. We check in with your body wisdom. We use my experience and your driving desire to make the right decision. We trust the guidance we get and we get started, just like that. 

Do people really experience positive shifts?

Yes! As with anything, your results depend on your input, however with your commitment you'll see a powerful shift mind, body and soul. 

You'll discover a body-based point of reference that is essential (and always accessible) for keeping you balanced and focused on what really matters day in and day out.

Overall you will become clear, confident, authentically self expressed and guided by your heart, sure of how you want to feel, with the resources in place to sustain those feelings.

The end result? You showing up for your life centered, connected, inspired and joyful, offering your best (also known as: rocking your juicy life)!

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What is required of me?

Please read and review the foundational agreements of Scheduling, Payments, Confidentiality and more, here on the Mentorship Policies page. 

Ok how do I get started?

You start by answering a few quick questions and getting on the phone with me!

And, voila. Just like that. Life begins to change. 

My commitment to you... 

  • I will hold a safe and loving space for you to explore your depths and blossom in your own transformation.
  • I will hold you accountable to your own hungry soul.
  • I will support you in re-awakening your juicy vital aliveness. 
  • I will trust your intuitive wisdom and hold you accountable to bringing your voice forward.
  • I will be honest and straight with you.
  • I will always meet you where you are with respect and kindness.
  • I will not try to ‘fix’ you but rather empower you on your own unique path.
  • I will keep what you share confidential.
  • I will celebrate your unique beauty, gifts and self-expression.
  • I will remind you of your light when you feel lost in the dark.
  • I will enthusiastically cheer you on every step of the way with complete faith in your dream.