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Do you crave more time for yourself?
Do you know you need to take better care of yourself? 
Do you get overwhelmed by everything you have to do and put yourself last on your own list?
Do you feel irritable, stressed, or tired?

Woman you are NOT alone. 

We live in a time where SO much pulls on us. 
Every. Single. Day.

We give and give and give... 
But we're tired. And depleted. 

We desperately want to receive some sweet refreshing nourishment... 
...we've forgotten how.

We've forgotten how incredibly amazing we are.   
We've forgotten how beautiful we are. 
We've forgotten the magic that's at our fingertips in every given moment.

We've forgotten how to really go there and give ourselves what we need and honor all that we are.  

Well sister, it's time to remember. 

In a HEART OPEN afternoon, we're going to:

* reconnect to the fountain of self love inside
* activate your receiver
* listen deeper to the wisdom of your body
* experience soulful connection
* play with radical appreciation
* engage a new conversation about your body, your contribution, your life
* invite your heart to open

Your heart is so powerful. When it's open your life blossoms. 

Join us.
Open your heart.

Let's bring your life into FULL bloom.  




"Wow, I so needed that!"
"This was so inspiring! I love women like you!"
"I feel charged up and able to move forward with more clarity."
"I feel like I am walking away with a deeper connection to my self and an enriched feeling of support." 
"You are amazing!"
"You created such an amazing space for all of us to connect and I realized I want more time in groups with women like you!" 
"What a powerful experience! I feel grounded and nourished!"
 "You have incredible skill and hold the space with such mastery!"


Tulasi Adeva is a soul centered, body-centric mentor and coach committed to living and cultivating authenticity, connection, and vibrant aliveness. Invested in transformational education, Tulasi holds a Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology, a BA in Psychology and Holistic Health, and is a certified Yoga Instructor with over 300 hours of accredited learning. In addition she has trained extensively in Dance, the Expressive Arts, Embodied Leadership, Integrative Bodywork, Embodied Spirituality, Creativity and Healing. Her vision is an embodied revolution where each of us trust ourselves at the deepest level, creating and contributing to life, guided by our own deep, intuitive, body wisdom. She is here to awaken that reality through private coaching, dynamic retreats, inspiring play-shops, and teaching in beautiful places world wide. To learn more please visit www.rockyourjuicylife.com/herstory