Can you see it? Do you feel it?

It's right there within you, 

hiding in your heart and hips,
flickering quietly behind your eyes.

It's reminding you that you're ready... 
To get lit. To burn bright.
To find and feel your own shine.

So let's reconnect to center,
revitalize embodied creativity, 
and set your magic free.

It's time to ignite your light. 

Soul Centered is an experiential play-book to get divinely realigned;
body, mind and soul.

Turn down the noise of the crazy world & turn up the volume of your own wise & creative soul
with 8 days of practice, 4 unique meditations, and a private facebook group
for reflection, support & connection.

Nourish yourself and inspire your vision of what's possible.
Come back to soul, to center, to source, and remember how incredibly wise,
creative & magical you are. 


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