Embodied Creatrix Immersions


 SisterFriend is an immersive rite of passage for young women (12-14) to deepen into their connection with self and others from a place of embodied confidence and authenticity.

This series teaches them how to expand beyond the digital world and live into their bodies, develop healthy relationships, and self express in realtime. This is a life skills course that is essential for girls coming of age in our modern world.

Next circle gathers SPRING 2019.



Tending the Temple is a monthly new moon gathering to honor feminine wisdom. It is a circle dedicated to reconnecting to the present moment, honoring the various faces and phases of the embodied feminine experience, and developing authentic connection with ourselves and others.

Each circle is unique, shaped by the energy of the moon and the energies of the women in the room. Together we cultivate our capacity to realign, refine, restore and receive.



Everything we want begins with the body. This is where our magic lives. When we feel good in our own skin we walk freely in the world connected to the superpowers we carry within. 

Embodied Awakening is an invitation to reclaim our feminine magic, to hone our superpowers, and root deep into our innate wisdom and strength. This is a practical path of tending the temple and wholeheartedly honoring who you are and who you came to be. 

Next circle gathers FALL 2019.


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Vital Visions is a an afternoon of fierce feminine focus to cultivate creative momentum.

It’s an invitation to (re)learn your rhythm and listen to what deeper desire wants to emerge. It’s a chance to remember life as a series of rituals and it's an opportunity to put your soul in motion through daily actions. It’s a reminder to reconnect to your intuition and feminine genius as the source that guides you forward.



Calm. Clear. Connected. is an invitation to slow down, make some space, and feel present. It’s an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and gratitude through writing, reflection, movement and meditation.

Slowing down isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Individually and collectively we need practice with it. This is your wholehearted invitation to practice.