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 SisterFriend is an immersive rite of passage for young women (12-14) to deepen into their connection with self and others from a place of embodied confidence and authenticity.

This series teaches them how to expand beyond the digital world and live into their bodies, develop healthy relationships, and self express in realtime.

This is a life skills course that is essential for girls coming of age in our modern world.



Our voice is essential. Our story unique. Our experiences have been our internship in self mastery. When we harvest the lessons & identify the themes, we can weave together the resonance of our own unique truth and offer it up as a gift for the world to receive. 

In Conscious Creatrix we harness your vision, ignite your purpose and put you in motion enabling you to walk confidently and create clearly; giving your gifts with authenticity and ease. Your essence is powerful medicine & the world needs what you what lights you up and turns you on. This spark is what changes the world. 

C O M I N G  S O O N

Women are waking up, feeling the fire, ready for change, hungry for their deep desires. It's possible and it's time. Women circling together is a potent way to catalyze this power.

Shakti Circles are an immersive opportunity to deepen connection through experiential explorations of feminine creative energy. The desire for connection is a universal human need. When we tap into our ability to embody and express with clarity and ease, we become magnetic, our relationships deepen, and we ignite some powerful possibilities through conscious co-creativity. 

Each circle series will emphasize a different theme, from purpose and confidence to sexuality and relationships and everything in between. Together we will reclaim the feminine, cultivate our capacity to rest, restore and receive, and in the process reclaim our essential vitality.

C O M I N G  S O O N  


Everything we want begins with the body. This is where our magic lives. When we feel good in our own skin we walk freely in the world connected to the superpowers we carry within. 

Embodied Awakening is an invitation to reclaim our feminine magic, to hone our superpowers, and root deep into our innate wisdom and strength.

This is a practical path of tending the temple and wholeheartedly honoring who you are and who you came to be. 

R E - L A U N C H I N G  S O O N