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An invitation to make a habit,
a ritualized practice, of going inward.

Inward to connect to your own center.
Inward to gather your resources.
Inward to reconnect to who you truly are
beneath the stories you've been told
about who you should be.
Inward to awaken your body,
reclaiming your desire and your fire.
Inward to find your courage and your voice. 
Inward to inhabit, to fully dwell within,
this body that you came here to be
with complete authenticity, 
and from there share your gifts with ease. 

This world drags us outward sister. 
Every day, in too many ways. 

It's exhausting to play by patriarchies rules
and keep getting ripped out at the roots.
We are dying trying to keep up.
 Waiting for permission from a sick world
to chart the new
is making us physically, mentally, emotionally ill

If we take instead, these glimmers
of curiosity and excitement
as an invitation
and dare to answer the call
of the wisdom nudging us from within, 
we might just find, feel, taste, know and re-member
who we really are and all that we are capable of. 

Take the time. 
Make the time. 
Create the space for you to rest back into you
It's time to InHabit yourself fully, 
freely, unapologetically. 

Let this call be the beginning. 

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3pm HST, 6pm PST, 9pm EST
Wednesday October 11th

Waning Gibbous Moon