Learn to Ride the Waves
What to do when your emotions scare you... 

Are you ever overwhelmed by your emotional intensity?
Do you chronically avoid deep feelings by shopping, eating, boozing or staying in stuck patterns that just don't serve?
Have you ever felt incredibly sensitive and not known why? Or told people you were fine when in fact your inner world was far from it?


Sweetheart, this  *FREE* call is for you!


Join me for this 75 minute call where you'll learn to:

Honor Your Emotions
Awaken Your Inner Resources
Extend Periods of Feeling GOOD
Learn What to do When You Feel BAD
Reconnect with Your Feminine Power
Cultivate Deeper Trust in Yourself

Thursday August 20th, 2015
2pm HST, 5pm PST, 8pm EST

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Our feelings are our compass. They show us where we're in alignment and where we're not.  

Feeling crappy tells us something needs to shift. Getting really real about what we don't want, and why, propels us toward what we do want. Often times this means facing pain, which, can be scary and also totally liberating.

Feeling what we feel (as we feel it) actually sets us free. 

This is a call to presence, a call to listen to body wisdom, a call to remember your heart desires.

~ Discover that life can be guided from the inside out rather than pushed upon you by the excess energy all around you. 

~ Learn to remember that you can trust your feelings as your compass and guide, rather than something to fear, avoid, or suppress. 

~ Cultivate trust in the fact that you can design your life rather than always be inundated by external pressures to conform, contain or keep quiet about how you truly feel. 

~ Reconnect to what you stand for by revitalizing your inner alignment and reconnecting to your purpose. 

* Join me to Ride the Waves & Awaken your Inner Resources * 

August 20th 2pm HST, 5pm PST, 8pm EST

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"Wow, I so needed that!"
"This was so inspiring! I love women like you!"
"I feel charged up and able to move forward with more clarity."
"I feel like I am walking away with a deeper connection to my self and an enriched feeling of support." 
"You are amazing!"

"What a powerful experience! I feel grounded and nourished!"