SisterFriend Elementals

Girls become women. This bubbly effervescence of feminine aliveness squeezes through the adolescent portal of hormonal shifts, body changes, and new explorations in self definition and self expression. All this combined with social pressures, academic expectations, and self doubt squeezing in from outsie - the transition can be challenging. SisterFriend is a way to walk through this transition with self awareness, confidence, connection, and a clearer sense of the journey of womanhood yuo’re embarking on. 


Sisterfriend elementals includes:

1 - Earth.png

. . . EARTH . . .
The Basics of Body Wisdom

sisterfriend elementals // fire

. . . FIRE . . .
Creativity & Leadership


2 - Water .png

. . . WATER . . .
The Foundations of Responsible Relationships


sisterfriend elementals // air

. . . AIR . . .
Communication & Connection  


sisterfriend elementals // spirit

. . . SPIRIT . . .
Cultivating Rituals of Meaning


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. . . why work with me . . .

  • I have a lifetime of experience in creative process.

  • I have over 20 years of study & experience in personal growth, healing & human development.

  • I am playful & encouraging, supporting your journey through the depths by keeping you centered in your light.

  • I have a posse of excellent teachers & guides who support me in supporting you.

  • I will not judge you, your story, or your dreams. Ever. I am here to encourage the creative possibilities that want to come to life through you.

  • I am a wholehearted advocate for your authentic expression.

  • I am yoga teacher & somatic therapist skilled in tracking body patterns and process.

  • I am trained in trauma & somatic process & know how to meet and hold deep pain.

  • I am deeply connected with the cycles of the moon, the seasons, & the power of mama nature. I bring this wisdom into each session to support organic growth and transformation.

  • I am a student & practitioner of feminine spiritual embodiment. I practice what I teach.

  • I believe that you can design a life you love & that the tools and resources to do so are closer than you think.

  • I work & think creatively & I call forth that natural creative channel within you too.

  • I am a creative alchemist committed to awakening your magic.


work with me is one part mentorship, one part deep therapeutic process, 
one part psycho-somatic education, one part creative alchemy
and one part treasure mapping.

there's also a sprinkle of magic, a dash of play, and a pinch of mystery
to keep it holistically well rounded.


"Tulasi embodies passion and power. She lives to awaken women to their magic, to reclaim who they are and what they are here to do in this life. This is her calling and she is wildly committed to it. I have the feeling that anyone who is lucky enough to look into her eyes will know exactly that."
 Cherie Healy //