Stoke Your Soul Fire
Ultimate Confidence and Self Care for Women


You are a bright blazing torch of love and radiance. And the world needs your light. 

And you bring it, because you are a hot rockin woman on a mission. 

But, it’s easy to burn out in our busy world and constantly DO instead of harness the potency that arrives when we let our selves BE.  

Sound familiar?

Are you a woman overwhelmed by all that's pulling on your energy?
Are you a woman longing to reconnect to your creativity, vitality and confidence?
Are you a woman ready for simple soul centering ways to LOVE yourself everyday?


Sweetheart, Soul Fire is for you!

Join me for a day of yoga-inspired movement, writing, dialogue, adventure and soul-discovery! 

This will be an immersion in soul care - self care at the deepest level - so you can align with your personal power and creative authenticity from a place of clarity, confidence & celebration.  

We will enrich your capacity to trust your inner wisdom and lay a foundation for tending to your soul fire (your divine spark) in ways that are accessible and meaningful well after our day together has finished.

You will leave this day feeling TURNED ON, ENERGIZED, INSPIRED & CAPABLE of creating a juicy life you love. 

It’s time to (re)Ignite the inner flame. 

Together we will...  

* CREATE sacred space — inside and out
* IGNITE awareness through movement
* OPEN your heart 
* SURRENDER old stories
* REVITALIZE your purpose
* MOVE stagnant energy
* CONNECT with incredible people
* EXPAND your authentic vibrancy
* CHARGE your power with soul-fired declarations
* DISCOVER rituals and practices that feed your soul
* ROCK your juicy life

Day Includes...

*beautiful setting
*additional bonuses




Through yoga and dance inspired movements, group dialogue and practices, and soul centered ritual we will awaken our ability to listen to the wisdom of our heart, engage our relationship to source energy and inhabit our self care practices at the deepest level. 

We will HONOR the SELF

Together we will learn how to align with our inner wisdom and power, clear dead stuck energy, heal old wounds and imbalances, and create a committed declaration to our soul fire radiance. 

We will CLAIM our LIGHT

We will step into our vibrant aliveness with renewed confidence, clear on the potency of our own divine spark. You will be seen. You will witness the light in others.


 The creative field we create will re-ignite your fire, nourish new growth, and set you on your path with refreshing and applicable resources that feed and fuel your everyday life. 


"Wow, I so needed that!"
"This was so inspiring! I love women like you!"
"I feel charged up and able to move forward with more clarity."
"I feel like I am walking away with a deeper connection to my self and an enriched feeling of support." 
"You are amazing!"
"You created such an amazing space for all of us to connect and
I realized I want more time in groups with women like you!" 
"What a powerful experience! I feel grounded and nourished!"

 "You have incredible skill and hold the space with such mastery!"



Join me!

SundaySeptember 27th, 2015  1-5:30 pm  
Private Residence in Sonoma



Pre-registration is required. 
Space is limited. 


I can't wait to ignite the fire with you and celebrate your radiance!