:: Dynamic Mind-Body Healing ::


Somatic Therapy is a holistic approach that sees the mind-body connection as an integral component to facilitating transformation, growth and healing. It combines traditional talk therapies with dynamic mind-body exercises and physical awareness practices to facilitate the release of acute and chronic tension patterns that are negatively affecting mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Somatic Therapy draws on the innate intelligence of the body and works with the nervous system to generate, insight, transformation, and integration from the inside out. Somatic Therapy sees individuals not as problems to be fixed but as an unfolding process of expansion and contraction in response to our direct experiences. Somatic Therapy addresses those places where we have gotten stuck, and returns us to our freedom, ease, and flow. 

Somatic Therapeutic theory is defined by the understanding that the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are an interactive network that literally shapes who we are and how we show up in the world. What affects the mind, affects the body, and what affects the body, impacts the mind.

Somatic Therapy works at the intersection of the conscious and unconscious, fostering foundational change in the protective patterns the body has learned in response to trauma and stress. The goal is to restore optimal functioning -physically, mentally, emotionally- empowering individuals to confidently engage the full range of human experience and enjoy the journey of their ever unfolding life. 


My approach is informed by years of extensive study and direct experience in Somatic Psychology, Holistic Health, Yoga & Movement, Expressive Art Therapy, and Earth Based Wisdom. For more information on my studies click here

Session are shaped by my own Learn.Heal.Create. model blending psycho-education (to foster growth, learning and insight) somatic therapy (to directly facilitate stress & trauma resolution), and creative exploration (where practices are introduced to stretch individuals into new pathways of potential). 

This approach honors your wholeness, calls forth your innate wisdom, and trusts in your capacity to heal. I consider this a collaborative process that is strengthened by your commitment & participation. And I am here on your team from start to finish. 


Somatic Therapy is a powerful and affective approach to address issues related to trauma & abuse, as well as for coping with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, and relationship challenges.

I predominantly work with women & teen girls who have recent or past experiences of trauma, although exceptions have been made for clients outside this category who are a good fit. 

I specialize in issues related to domestic violence, sexual abuse, confidence and self esteem, depression and anxiety, emotional overwhelm, attention and focus, self expression and purpose.

I strongly recommend a willingness to commit to a minimum of six sessions in order to comprehensively address your presenting concerns & receive full benefit. 


Our connection begins as soon as you feel an internal yes to doing this work, in this way, with me. 

Once that happens you can set up a complimentary call to ask any questions you may have and see if there is resonance between us in a live conversation.  

From there if all signs point to yes we make a plan and schedule sessions! 
Sessions are held in my Kauai office or virtually via the platform Zoom. Please consider your preference and specify when scheduling. 

At the outset of our work we go over policies, procedures, confidentiality, scheduling, and payments. 

I offer sliding scale rates because having choice is powerful and economic challenges shouldn't keep you from the healing support you need. 

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