You've got big plans and a busy life.
You're hungry for more but you are overwhelmed by how to get it.
You're ready for action but don't know where to begin.

You hear the call, there's no denying that you do,
and you're ready, SO ready for this to be your year.

The year where it changes.
The year where you step in and show up
and actually BE who you want to be
and GO where you want to go,

You're ready. 
And the time is now. 

Join me to Treasure Map Your Truth


To get what you want you sometimes have to do what you have never done.

This isn't about making a vision board that looks pretty, this is a soulful investigation into the map you've been using and a spirit driven upgrade to design a new map of meaning that will take you where you want to go and beyond.

This is about learning the rhythm of the territory you will be traveling and how to dance with what comes up. This is about remembering life as a series of rituals, it's an opportunity to put soul in motion through your daily actions.
This is about opening up to the messages and divine winks that are sign posts along the way, guiding you to the next perfect turn in your unfolding path.

Treasure Map Your Truth is a mini immersion in sacred structures that not only help you find your way through the roadblocks in your mind and in your every day life, but that simplify your action plan and infuse it with magic, beauty and JOY. 

Are you ready?

Here's the thing, each one of us are unique. 

I am a natural born creative alchemist. I am the daughter of artists. I think in circles and pull genius out of direct and tangible experience. I have struggled my whole life with fitting in to systems and structures. I didn't want to be contained and defined by these "rules" that said how I needed to be to get what I wanted out of life. 

I believe in your flavor of creative genius, and I want you to be YOU. 

We all have different ways of harnessing our power and I am super interested in helping women do just that. In Treasure Map Your Truth I am gonna bring everything I've learned and embodied, regarding purpose, path and accountability, to help you plug in and turn on in a way that empowers you to BE you, with some grace, ease and playfulness. 

Because the world needs your light.

What we need now more than ever, is women lit up and turned on, clear on who they are, what they want and how they'll get it.  So we don't need you wasting your precious energy fumbling around in the dark for your own light switch. Let's excavate the treasure map, flip the switch inside, and walk straight into the world, lit the frick UP. Committed to never dimming down again. 


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Where we will gather and when:

On February 12th from 1pm - 6pm we will gather at Metamorphose Yoga Studio to celebrate and invoke the potent possibilities of 2017.  

What we will cover:
1. route
we'll look at the path you have been walking. we are going to map it out, look at where you are, what you're struggling with, and most importantly what you want. from here we're gonna draw a new map, the master map, the map of the possible, the map of the dream you are calling in to your life as reality. 

2. rhythm
it's essential we learn, understand and honor our rhythm. this rhythm will help us use the map effectively. this rhythm will help us understand why the old maps have failed us before. this rhythm will help us dance our way toward what we want with a sense of inspiration and joy.

3. ritual
we are what we do everyday. often times there are a mighty string of bad habits in our routine that keeps us from having the focus, energy & motivation to hone, and move toward, what we truly want. ritual is an opportunity to infuse the every day with the sacred. it is practical prayer in motion. we'll look at rituals you can implement that will carry you miles forward on your journey. 

4. rendezvous
we'll look at our agreements, with self and others. we'll look at the ones that are serving and the ones that need to be revised or released. we'll also look at the mysterious and unplanned ways things come together and how to leave space for that kind of magic. 

Your investment: 

includes a playlist, 
fresh juice from KJC,
treasure mapping resources,
a complimentary evening of Tending the Temple
and a whole lotta love. 

How to prepare: 

Wear clothes comfortable to move in. Bring a notebook and any snacks that keep you charged up and tuned in. Register in advance. 


When women gather mountains move.
When women gather we remember how powerful we are, individually and together.
When women gather we reclaim the potency of our dreams and desires.
When women gather, we change the world. 

I do so hope you join us. 

* if you are familiar with Jean Houston's work you may recognize the four components of our class from her mystery school. she is one of my teachers that i respect very much and this class structure is inspired in part by my study with her but is also infused with numerous resources from my many and varied teachers.