Aloha, my name is Tulasi Adeva Perrin and I'm so delighted you are here!

I am a somatic therapist, movement facilitator, and an intuitive creative alchemist serving awakening women who are stepping into their passion, power and purpose.

My mission is to (re)connect women to their vibrant aliveness, body wisdom, and creative vision so they can teach, lead and serve from a place of authentic power and magnetic presence. 

I explore the practical and the universal, embracing the dynamic nature of the modern woman by weaving together essence & form, being & doing, focus & play, healing & service, giving & receiving, creation & rest, Source & self, and so much more. Through Learn.Heal.Create. I help women (re)member, embody, and express their Truth with confidence and clarity. 

This is embodied alchemy for conscious creatives
& soulful feminine leaders.

My clients are women seeking clarity and connection. These women are hungry for a deeper relationship to their own power, Truth and soulful center. My clients are women that have been longing for embodied guidance to fully emerge into their own soul-full expression. These are woman ready to courageously create meaningful lives they love.  

As an intuitive alchemist I follow the themes and threads of each session weaving them together to serve the (re)learning, healing and innate creative potential of each client. I combine years of life skills and professional training - in somatic therapy, movement as medicine, yoga theory, trauma resolution, earth based wisdom, sacred spirituality, seasonal & lunar cycles, the feminine creative cycle, astrology, guided imagery, holistic health, quantum psychology, expressive arts, meditation and more - with my passion for writing, teaching and mentoring, to empower women to live, lead and serve as the most vibrant expression of themselves.

I am deeply devoted to the revolutionary act
of personal awakening. 

Facing and embracing our desire, our potential and our capacity is how we honor our role as creators and stand courageously at the leading edge of evolution. Coming home to ourselves, to our center, to the soul spark of Source flowing through us is how we move with integrity. It is from our own healing, our own return to wholeness that we can ignite dynamic conversations and meaningful movements that in turn creates the healing change the world so desperately needs. I am a torchbearer on the trail helping foster that healing, wholeness and divine spark in all those I meet. 


"I highly recommend Tulasi as an Intuitive Somatic Coach/Guide/Mentor. She has aligned me
with my feminine being and has helped me release
old anger that was blocking my creativity.
Tulasi is compassionate, loving, and very supportive sister who believes in the inner creativity of every woman. She empowers women to believe in their wholeness. She is truly a beautiful, loving, creative guide who guides women to heal all sacred wounds.
She has changed my life for the better!"
Caroline Sanchez // thehulahoopgirl.com

Embodied Alchemy Foundations

           MA Somatic Therapist                                           Creative Writer
           Certified Yoga Instructor, RYT 500                        Intuitive Shamana
           Trained Massage Therapist                                  Temple Time Priestess
           Certified Woman's Leadership Facilitator            
Public Speaker
Shake Your Soul Movement Guide                        Retreat Creator & Leader                                      



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