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Hello darling. Take a moment and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. I want you to imagine yourself in 3 months…
6 months…
1 year…
3 years…

Dream out into the landscape of our future for a moment. What’s happening for you? What’s unfolding around you? What contribution are you making to a world in need? What dream are you ready to awaken into this lived reality?

Your vision is a portal to the possible. Your creativity, a pathway toward change.

Daily we are influenced by masculine models that push us toward results driven goals. These default systems for success are leading feminine bodies, minds, and hearts, toward disconnection and distress. There is another way to grow something beautiful.

Let’s lean in to the vitality of your vision. Let’s draw fulfillment from the mystery and our bodies. Let’s create sustainably in a way that serves. Let’s generate something meaningful that ripples far beyond our own fulfillment.

Where your vision meets the world is vital. How you bring the unique magic you’re here to share to life is essential. Join me for a life infused visioning process and let’s take some time to tap your feminine genius, clarify some soulful goals, and map out an inspiring path into your continued becoming. 


WHEN: Sunday, January 27th, 2:30 - 5:30 pm
WHERE: Metamorphose Yoga Studio
WHAT: An immersive afternoon in visioning, goal setting,
and dream boarding all sourced from your Feminine Genius.
EXCHANGE: $40 per person (includes all supplies)

* there are only 16 spots for this event & pre-registration is required


This isn't just about making a vision board that looks pretty, this is a soulful investigation into the map you've been using and a spirit driven upgrade to design a plan of meaning that will take you where you want to go and beyond.

This is about learning the rhythm of the territory you’ll be traveling this year and how to dance with what comes up. This is about remembering life as a series of rituals, it's an opportunity to put soul in motion through your daily actions.
This is about opening up to the messages and divine winks that are signposts along the way, guiding you to the next perfect turn in your unfolding path.

Vital Visions is a mini immersion in sacred structures that not only help you find your way through the roadblocks in your mind and in your everyday life, but that simplify your action plan and infuse it with magic, beauty and JOY. 

What we need now more than ever, is women lit up and turned on,
clear on who they are, what they want and how they'll get it.  
So we don't need you wasting your precious energy fumbling around in the dark for your own light switch.
Let's vitalize your visions, flip the switch inside, and walk straight into the world,
lit the frick UP. Committed to never dimming down again. 

Your vision has the potential to change the world.
Let’s dream it awake.