Uniting Earth and Sky: 
A 100-hour Immersive Yoga Teacher Training on Kauai

Led by :: Josh Schrei and Carolyn Dumeyer

With Special Guest Teachers :: Tulasi Adeva Perrin, Cigall Eacott
and Amy Lin Blankenship

March 10th - 26th, 2017



The ancient yogic texts speak of the energetic polarity between the upward rising air element and the downward rooting earth element. In many early yoga traditions, the goal of physical practice was to unite these two energies in order to harness their vitalizing and calming qualities. This balance of earth and sky relates to how we cultivate root and lift in our asana practice, how we find grounding and vitality in our lives, and how we anchor our practice into day to day life. 

Join instructors Josh Schrei and Carolyn Dumeyer for this deep dive into the elemental roots of yoga practice on the magnificent island of Kauai, where earth and sky meet in the middle of the magnificent Pacific Ocean. During this 2.5 week immersive teacher training program we will explore the elemental teachings at the heart of the yogic tradition while giving students the tools they need to begin a path of teaching. 

Together we will explore the energetics that are at play in each yoga pose, as we build our understanding of alignment, hands on adjustments, breath mechanics, verbal cues, eastern and western anatomy, and yogic teachings on diet and lifestyle. Our time together will be rooted in practice, steeped in meditation and chanting, and rich with story and myth. 

Open to senior students and beginners alike, and designed both for those who want to teach and those who want simply to deepen their practice, the training will give students 100 hours of yoga alliance credit towards their 200-hour teaching certification. 

Carolyn is lifelong practitioner of the healing arts and the owner of Metamorphose Yoga. Josh is a lifelong student of the traditions of India and the founder of three respected yoga teacher training programs. Other guests include Metamorphose instructors Tulasi Adeva and Amy Lin Blankenship and Body yoga instructor Cigall Eacott.